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By Calibre Press  |   Oct 25, 2019

At the end of this week, we thought we would share a few quotes and random thoughts you might enjoy. Feel free to share or even post in your roll call room.

From the book, The Heroes Who Give It All

“The public can choose when they take a call, but when you’re a cop you gotta take ‘em all.”

“Coming home for a citizen is comfort. Coming home for a police officer is success.”

“No citizen worries about crime as much as an officer’s spouse.”

“When business people are faced with the worst they think, ‘How can I save my job?’ When cops are faced with the worst they think, ‘How can I save my life?’

“Law enforcement has the only bond that gets stronger when the pull gets harder.”

“Sometimes the best backup in the world is a loving spouse.”

More thoughts…

Cops work for a cause, not applause.

Criminals die breaking the law. Cops die defending it.

“And maybe remind the few, if ill of us they speak, that we are all that stands between the monsters and the weak.” –Michael Marks

If you ever feel like turning in your badge, think back to why you chose to put it on.

Nothing frightens bad men as much as good men willing to stand in their way.

“The duties of an officer are the safety, honor and welfare of your country first; the honor, welfare and comfort of the men in your command second; and the officer’s own ease, comfort and safety last. –George S. Patton

The badge. It doesn’t weigh much until you put it on.

If something happens to one of us, it’s felt by all of us.

Don’t like cops? The next time you’re in trouble, call a criminal.

A Quaker to an intruder:
“I wouldn’t harm you brother, but you’re standing where I am about to shoot.”

Stay safe.

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