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My Apologies …

Nov 21, 2017 in Driving & Roadway & Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Patrol & Training

This is an apology to the person who thinks I snubbed him the other night. It will, I hope, serve two purposes. It will make me feel better because I have been thinking about it for a few days and it has really bothered me. It will also serve as an explanation to many in the community for what may be perceived as a "slight" to them by officers of the law. We may seem hurried, uninterested, bothered or even fearful at times. While all of these pe... Full Article »

A Contrast in Police Trainers: T.J. Hooker vs. R.C. Hindi

Nov 21, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Training
By Dave Grossi

Most retired cops recognize the name T.J. Hooker. And many know who Bob Hindi is. If you don’t, just take a quick peek at your expandable baton. See that big rounded cap at the end of your stick. That’s the Hindi Baton Cap, invented by now-retired Las Vegas Metro PD officer Bob Hindi. [caption id="attachment_10448" align="alignright" width="273"] Bob Hindi, the real deal.[/caption] I’ve known Bob for 30 years. We’ve trained togethe... Full Article »

Training for Your Life

Nov 08, 2017 in Defensive Tactics & Fitness & Health & Officer Safety & Survival & Training
By David Magnusson

Under my names are a few sentences that describe who I am and what I do. It reads something like this: Chief Magnusson is the chief of Havelock (N.C.) Police Department. He spent 30 years with the Miami Police Department, retiring there as a major. He is a graduate of American Military University with a Master's in Military history. Chief Magnusson also boxed as an amateur for twenty-six years. I am very proud of my 33 years in law enforcement.... Full Article »

Fly High or Drop It By

Nov 08, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Patrol & Training

The investigation of drug delivery by mail or parcel service is a challenge for law enforcement, making it attractive to those who want to send various types of contraband rather than deliver it personally. To prevent this, law enforcement must work with the carrier, which might come across signs of illicit items or drugs in the course of their work, so that investigators can work to identify the sender and receiver, as well as make assessments a... Full Article »

FIT4DUTY #10: This Week’s Challenge!

Nov 01, 2017 in Fitness & Health & Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Officer Safety & Survival & Training & Video
By Calibre Press

Tag us with your picture on any social media platform or comment your time on the Facebook (, Instagram or Twitter (@CalibrePress) post for a chance to win our limited edition #Fit4Duty Challenge Coin!... Full Article »

Have a Great Training Program?

Oct 10, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Training
By Jim Glennon

Law enforcement takes a lot of hits when it comes to, well, almost everything we do and every decision we make. Most of what the politicians, pundits, and media pushes about the collective of law enforcement is based on their own biases. Their characterization of law enforcement is supported by the use of skewed and cherry-picked stats that feed a narrative. In one specific area, I, in a strange way, agree with those who look to vilify us. Tr... Full Article »

The Face of Evil

Oct 05, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Training

I read Mr. Tony Blauer’s 15 August 2017 article titled “Lessons from a Vicious Ambush.” As usual, Mr. Blauer was spot on. But even more importantly, I learned something new that gave me reason to pause and reassess my own methods of dealing with such situations. I believe I’ve always been pretty tactically sound with the various undercover, “jump-out” type units I worked in throughout my career. But resting on one’s laurels is a r... Full Article »

Las Vegas Active Shooter: Timeline & Video

Oct 04, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Officer Safety & Survival & Training
By Crawford Coates

[Update: The Los Angeles Times reported on Oct. 10 that the security guard at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino was shot six minutes prior to the gunman opening fire on the crowd below. They write: "Police have dramatically changed their account of how the Las Vegas massacre began on Oct. 1, revealing Monday that the gunman shot a hotel security guard six minutes before opening fire on a country music concert — raising new questions about why ... Full Article »

The Alarming Consequences of Police Working Overtime

Oct 02, 2017 in Fitness & Health & Leadership & Training

[Publisher's Note: We've been writing a lot lately about police fatigue and the importance of non-punitive close-calls reporting. Following is an excellent article from on this topic, reprinted below with permission.]  Fatigue is bad for any work environment. But for police, the stakes are much higher. Officers have to respond to late-night calls, make split-second decisions and de-escalate tense situations -- sometimes in the mid... Full Article »

Finding Meaning in this Absurd Profession

Oct 02, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Training
By Scot DuFour

Jesse Williams and Randy Larcher recently shared a wonderful article through Calibre Press called "The Power of Thinking Small." I hope they’ll permit me to expand on their thoughts with some of my own. Their article sent me off on a mission to examine the current perspective, at least how I have perceived it, of so many police officers around the country. I have worked in law enforcement since 2001 and I have never seen so many of my friends... Full Article »

What Nearly Happened

Sep 22, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Officer Safety & Survival & Training
By Crawford Coates

I recently asked a very knowledgeable university-level researcher who studies police and, specifically, the effects of fatigue on officer performance a simple question: “Can you name a case in which officer fatigue was identified as contributing to a bad outcome?” He never got back to me. So I asked around and everyone basically said the same thing: Identifying fatigue as a contributor in a less-than-optimal outcome would open the agency ... Full Article »

The Power of Thinking Small

Sep 20, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Training
By Jesse Williams & Randy Larcher

A few months ago I listened to retired Ohio State Highway Patrol Captain Bob Welsh discuss the phenomenon known as “the butterfly effect.” The butterfly effect in essence posits that when a butterfly flaps its wings in one part of the world, the ripple effect can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world. Our actions, however small they may seem at the time, can likewise have far-reaching consequences. Bob has a way of captivating aud... Full Article »

BODYCAM: Sergeant Slaps Groin of Handcuffed Suspect

Sep 13, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Training & Video
By Calibre Press

From the Evansville Courier & Press:  A former assistant police chief's five-day suspension for excessive force has been approved by the Police Merit Commission. Sgt. Rob Hahn was suspended five days without pay and chose not to appeal that order, but new details about the incident that led to the suspension were released to the public Monday. Body cam video released Monday by the Evansville Police Department showed Hahn shoving a handc... Full Article »

Protecting & Serving Protesters

Sep 13, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Training
By Joseph Padilla

One of the freedoms we enjoy in the United States is the right to speak our minds and protest without fear of retaliation. For years I’ve participated and watched law enforcement officers attempt to protect these rights by maintaining control and keeping everyone safe at protests and demonstrations. In doing this, police officers are the visible form of authority and, unfortunately, become most at risk. I’ve observed that as people participat... Full Article »

The Equifax breach: What It Means for the Street Cop

Sep 13, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Training
By Elijah Woodward

By now you’ve probably heard that the credit reporting company Equifax is having a very bad year. Last week it was announced that the personal information on about 143 million Americans had possibly been compromised. Here’s what we know so far. Not a whole lot, other than that their response sucks. If you go to the website they set up and type in your information to see if you were involved, it’s almost guaranteed to say you were. Yes, ... Full Article »

Our 3D Printed Future

Sep 05, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Training
By Mark Tallman

In this installment on technology, crime, and DIY weapons, we'll examine the status of "3D printed" guns. In my own research, I found that the criminal implications are still largely over-hyped. However, 3D printed guns are improving, and they will eventually appeal for crime under some (comparatively limited) circumstances.i In a more general sense, printable guns are one of the first issues to invite serious discussion about the security impac... Full Article »

The Mindful Officer: Rounds Slipping Through Our Armor

Sep 05, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Officer Safety & Survival & Training
By Shawn Perron

Just recently I received a message from a close friend. Most all of us have gotten it, and for me the frequency has become alarming, heartbreaking, and hard to swallow. It usually comes in a text or a call or email. That dreaded message is usually sent in the form of a question. It starts off like this, “Hey, man have you heard about so-and-so from such and such?” Yep. It never ends up being anything close to good. Never is it news about wi... Full Article »

Playing with Emotion

Aug 29, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Officer Safety & Survival & Training

I remember almost every football coach I’ve ever had telling me to, “Get mad! Get angry!” at one point or another. It was a good life lesson at the time. It taught me how to use that anger to push passed the point of what I thought I could do. It taught me how to dig into the hidden reserves that we all possess but few of us ever learn to tap into, the much talked about 40% rule. Today I am no longer a football player, or a boxer, or wres... Full Article »

Auditory Exclusion is Real

Aug 24, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Training
By Crawford Coates

Last week I wrote a piece that elicited an overwhelming response from this readership. And the conclusion: Auditory exclusion most certainly does exist. And not just for cops. I heard from firefighters, EMTs, hunters, and researchers, and every one of them in the affirmative. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. Here’s a representative email I received from Michael G.: Hello, I have been in law enforcement for 10 yea... Full Article »

Controlling a Person Isn’t Like It is on TV

Aug 23, 2017 in Defensive Tactics & Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Officer Safety & Survival & Training & Video
By Jim Glennon

“It was very uncomfortable. It was disturbing to watch.” That’s what the Euclid, Ohio, mayor said about a recent physical altercation between one of the city’s police officers and a motorist. She’s right: It is uncomfortable and disturbing to watch. That doesn’t mean, however, that the officer’s actions were wrong, a violation of policy, or criminal in nature. Fantasy vs. Reality I’ve been around law enforcement, to some de... Full Article »

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