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Legal Marijuana & Drug Cartels

May 24, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Training
By Scot DuFour

The elections of 2016 increased the number of states that allow for legal or decriminalized use and possession of marijuana. You can now legally use marijuana recreationally if you are at least 21 years old and are in Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, or Washington, D.C. There are many arguments about the benefits of legalizing marijuana, and there are many unanswered questions about the real-world af... Full Article »

What’s the “Thin Blue Line” to You?

May 12, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Officer Safety & Survival
By Scott Hughes

When you hear a fellow officer mention “brotherhood” or “thin blue line,” what comes to mind? If you’re like most cops, you think of camaraderie, teamwork, dedication, and commitment. If those were your thoughts precisely—good! Others, however, conjured up backstabbing, drama, B.S., more drama, and a lack of leadership. For you, I’m sorry. But I understand. Law enforcement, like most professions, has its occupational hazards. Forge... Full Article »

What I Mean When I Say: #RememberWhereYouCameFrom

May 08, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Training
By Scott Hughes

Last month I wrote a piece entitled: “Do Chief’s Take Officer Safety Seriously”? (To fully understand what I’m writing about today, do me a favor and read that article first.) Needless to say, the article generated a ton of feedback, nearly 50,000 views on various social media platforms alone. While the overwhelming majority of those who responded provided compliments and praised me for addressing a troubling issue facing law enforcement... Full Article »

You Get the Police You Ask For

May 02, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Officer Safety & Survival
By Jim Glennon

We, as a profession, are not without sin. We have a sordid past on many levels. We have seen massive corruption, lying, scandals, thievery and abuses that include terrifying the weak, drug dealing, murders, torture and framing the innocent. Those aforementioned abuses and wrongdoings cannot be denied. What also can’t be denied is that when those crimes are committed they are perpetrated by an incredibly small percentage of our more than 700,00... Full Article »

The Future of Defensive Tactics

Apr 26, 2017 in Defensive Tactics & Fitness & Health & Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Training
By Richard Hough

In the last two months I’ve travelled to Baltimore to sit with fellow law enforcement trainers for the presentation of the Police Executive Research Forum’s (PERF) recently developed Integrating Communications Assessment and Tactics (ICAT) program; from there on to St. Louis for the annual conference of the International Law Enforcement Education and Training (ILEETA), where I presented seminars on the future of physical defensive tactics; an... Full Article »

WINx: The Critical Importance of Respect & Community

Apr 20, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Training & Video

 ... Full Article »

Stopping the 5,000-lb. Bullet

Apr 20, 2017 in Defensive Tactics & Driving & Roadway & Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Training
By Scot DuFour

The terrorist attack in London recently was yet another example of an increasing trend across the globe. Terrorists and lone wolf attackers using vehicles as weapons has become a common method for killing as many people as possible. We’ve seen these attacks in Sweden, Germany, France, England, and elsewhere. The availability of vehicles, and the sheer number of cars on the road, provide an attacker with an effective weapon that can easily go u... Full Article »

The Mission of the Guardian: Fight Crime & Don’t be an Ass#$%@!

Apr 19, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Officer Safety & Survival & Training

Policing is dangerous. No matter how well trained or equipped officers are, there is a risk of injury and death with every encounter. Each officer must find a way to psychologically manage the ever-present threat in order to do their job. A very effective way of doing that has been to adopt the identity of a noble warrior. This identity perfectly meets the need for a tough and resilient mindset to face danger and survive a deadly encounter. Whil... Full Article »

The Mindful Officer: The Mind-Body

Apr 17, 2017 in Fitness & Health & Leadership & Officer Safety & Survival & Training
By Shawn Perron

We have been taught from the earliest to make every effort to avoid, deny, and even escape any feelings or emotions that we label as unpleasant. Modern conveniences make this easier—smartphones, intoxicants, food and drink, earbuds, entertainment, etc.—and some of us get very good at ignoring or avoiding feelings such as pain, guilt, sadness, anger, anxiety, and fear. I mean, who wants to feel any of those things? Hell, it’s why they’re c... Full Article »

Honoring the Dead by Training the Living

Apr 17, 2017 in Fitness & Health & Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Training

Below 100 owes its existence to a group of law enforcement trainers who realized that, with regard to line-of-duty deaths, it was time to say, “Enough is enough.” Too many of these deaths, they saw, were tragically preventable. More than six years later, our mission continues. Although we’ve made progress, there’s still a lot of work to do, work that includes not only Below 100 instructors, but every single officer across North America. ... Full Article »

Law Enforcement & Research: A Powerful Combo

Apr 10, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Training

[Publisher's Note: A while back I published "Calling All Academics!", lamenting the frequency with which academics and media talk about law enforcement without speaking to actual police officers. Here's a game response from a man who has been on both sides of the equation.] This may seem a little unfair on your offer at first, but I happen to be a former law enforcement officer with both state and federal experience for 22 years, and I have a ... Full Article »

Do Chiefs Take Officer Safety Seriously?

Apr 05, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Officer Safety & Survival
By Scott Hughes

Allow me to rant for a minute … When I became “one of them,” I made a promise to my employees, and myself, that I would never forget where I came from. In fact, I often use the hashtag #RememberWhereYouCameFrom to document my activities with my troops on Facebook and Twitter. To me the reasons this is important are obvious. That’s why I’m amazed in 2017 how many “leaders” cannot—or will not—embrace this concept. Real Officer S... Full Article »

Learning From Mistakes

Mar 28, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Officer Safety & Survival & Training

Mistakes. We all make them. Some are minor and require little correction, while others can be career-changing. Following is an example of one of my mistakes, and how I used what I learned to positively effect the police department where I worked. Say It Ain’t So At the time, I was the detective commander and the range master simultaneously, and I took my firearms training seriously. I made weekend plans to go shooting with my father at our gu... Full Article »

BODYCAM: Wash. Officer Shoots Stabber

Mar 21, 2017 in Leadership & Training
By Calibre Press

From The suspect in a stabbing who was fatally shot by a Bellingham police officer was identified Thursday as Manuel Gonzalez, 28. Police said that Gonzalez stabbed and wounded a 20-year-old man in the neck during an altercation in the 100 block of E. Holly Street on Sunday and then fled on foot. Witnesses chased him and caught up to him in the 1400 block of Railroad Avenue, police said. Police said that officer Jeremiah Lela... Full Article »

False Confessions

Mar 20, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Patrol & Training
By Jim Glennon

Does Reid & Associates teach officers a confrontational method of interviewing and interrogating that results in false confessions? I ask that question because recently they were basically accused of that. Or rather—the method they teach was accused of that. So does their method result in false confessions? Not at all. First it’s important to address this at the outset: I have absolutely no relationship whatsoever with Reid & Associ... Full Article »

Pulling the Pin (Or: When You’re Done, You’re Done)

Mar 13, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership
By Dave Grossi

I’ve been out of operational law enforcement for almost 30 years. I formally pulled the pin in late 1990. Since then, I’ve maintained my professional affiliations through Calibre Press, Inc., as both a Street Survival Seminar instructor and contributor to their online magazine, I also continued my professional contacts as a police instructor, court expert and part-time college C.J. teacher. But for all intents and purposes, ... Full Article »

WINx: Communication Builds Relationships

Mar 13, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Officer Safety & Survival & Training & Video

In this powerful WINx video, Scott Erickson explains that there's one way to build standing in a community: communication. Here's how.... Full Article »

An Argument Against Narcan

Mar 09, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Patrol

[Publisher’s Note: At Calibre Press we appreciate a diversity of opinion. After all, there are more than 18,000 police agencies and 800,000 officers in this large and varied nation. It goes without saying that the views expressed on belong to the author, and agencies and officers must regardless do what is best for their communities.] One of the most divisive arguments in law enforcement today concerns whether or not patrol of... Full Article »

WINx: Restoring Communities to Sacred Ground

Mar 06, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Officer Safety & Survival & Training & Video

In this powerful talk from WINx Chicago 2016 Colonel Richard Coleman (ret.) USMC shares his experience of how the Marine Corp regained its status as an elite service. Col. Coleman draws many parallels between the Marine Corp experience and the struggles currently facing the law enforcement profession.... Full Article »

No Excuses for Slugs

Mar 03, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Training
By Jim Glennon

It seems whenever I write an article about ineffective, lazy or just plain dumb supervisors it hits a chord. I get emails, texts, Facebook comments as well as officers approaching me at my seminars to describe how they have experienced, or are experiencing, people in supervisory roles that are just plain terrible. In contrast, I also hear from supervisors who try to justify such practices as the “modern way to lead.” They maintain that elect... Full Article »

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