VIDEO: Officer Cleared in Shooting from Pickup Truck Bed

Exactly how the officer ended up in the pickup bed is still unclear

By Calibre Press  |   Apr 18, 2016

Loudon County grand jurors have spoken, clearing Lenoir City Police Department officer Tyrel Lorenz of four possible criminal charges stemming from the March 13 death of Joshua William Grubb, 30, of Clinton.

The incident remains a puzzler, the prosecutor said: How a 6-foot, 8-inch tall patrolman ended up in the bed of a small pickup as it sped off from a U.S. Highway 321 convenience store, and why the officer quickly opted to shoot the driver nine times through the back window, killing him.

Jurors in secret session Tuesday, after hearing a half-hour of testimony from Lorenz, visiting the shooting scene, viewing body camera footage and other videos, voted 13-0 on four occasions not to indict the officer, who was released from paid administrative leave and put back on the street Thursday.

Jurors considered indictments ranging from reckless homicide to voluntary manslaughter before deciding behind closed doors with no officials present not to indict.

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