Bodycam + Analysis: Glendale (Ohio) Shoot

In no time, a pat-down turned into a fight for his life

By Jim Glennon  |   Apr 6, 2016

3 ½ minutes that will forever be on the mind of Glendale, Ohio, police officer Josh Hilling has just been released. That period of time when a man named Javier Aleman, armed with a knife, advanced towards Hilling and repeatedly begged the officer to “kill” him was captured on the officer’s body camera.

The encounter on March 29th occurred on Interstate 75. Hilling, who pulled over to check on the pedestrian, was attempting to pat down Aleman when he pulled out a hunting knife and lunged at Hilling who pulled his weapon and fired once.

Undaunted after being hit once Aleman continued moving towards the officer and shouting “Kill me!” more than 40 times.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said Hilling, 31 years old and an officer for four years, “deserves a medal” and will not face charges. He added that the officer, “Showed remarkable restraint in the confrontation of an individual who was clearly armed.”

Aleman, 46, recovering from the gunshot wound to his abdomen was a wanted for an investigation of homicide with a knife in Baltimore County, Md. He has been charged with the attempted murder of Hilling.

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Jim Glennon
Lt. Jim Glennon (ret.) is the owner and lead instructor for Calibre Press. He is a third-generation LEO, retired from the Lombard, Ill. PD after 29 years of service. Rising to the rank of lieutenant, he commanded both patrol and the Investigations Unit. In 1998, he was selected as the first Commander of Investigations for the newly formed DuPage County Major Crimes (Homicide) Task Force. He has a BA in Psychology, a Masters in Law Enforcement Justice Administration, is the author of the book Arresting Communication: Essential Interaction Skills for Law Enforcement.