Video: Bodycam of Fatal OIS

A fast, fatal move by the suspect ends his life

By Calibre Press  |   Jul 1, 2015

Bodycam video was released by the Palestine (Texas) Police Department of a fatal officer-involved shooting.

James Bushey was being questioned in relation to an incident in which a WalMart employee saw him stealing a case of beer. Shortly after the officers bring Bushey outside, he pulls what appears to be a gun on Sgt. Green and Officer Griffin. Both Green and Griffin responded by firing several shots at Bushey. Officer Griffin pulled her Taser before using her handgun to stop the threat.

It was later determined the gun was an air gun made to look like a Colt 1911 .45 caliber handgun.

“This was an unfortunate incident not only for the family but also for us in the police department,” Police Captain James Muniz said. “People may ask the question, ‘Why did the officers have to shoot so many times?’ Well their adrenaline kept them shooting until they were safe. Really no officer knows how many shots they are taking until the situation is cleared.”

More information about this fatal OIS at the Palestine Herald

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