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Officer Safety

Officer Wellness Is Officer Safety

Feb 24, 2015 in Fitness & Health
By Jeff Shannon

Besides courage, there’s nothing more valued in law enforcement than safety. Courage is a given, but safety is learned. One simply can’t be too safe: firearms training, searching and cuffing techniques, defensive tactics, vehicle stops, pedestrian stops—all have “office safety” as cornerstones.Most of us are exposed to the Cooper Color Code system as well, which applies not only to being at work, but when we’re sitting in our livi... Full Article »

Video: Man Pulls Gun from Waistband

Jan 23, 2015 in Officer Safety & Survival & Video
By Calibre Press Colfax man is facing multiple charges after he pulled a gun during a December confrontation with Colfax police officers outside his downtown apartment.Dashcam footage taken during the incident and provided by Colfax Police Chief Andy Summy shows Holett pulling a pistol from his waistband during the struggle. The video appears to corroborate the officers’ reports which state Holett began yelli... Full Article »

Break ‘Em In

Jan 19, 2015 in Driving & Roadway & Training
By David Kinaan

When a new recruit graduates from the academy, they’re full of knowledge. They can usually recite policy and procedure verbatim and can demonstrate a handcuffing technique by the numbers. They’re normally in great physical condition and are generally willing to do anything to serve the public. So why not just put them in patrol cars and send ’em out?You’d never think of putting this new knowledgeable and skilled officer on the street ... Full Article »

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