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Emerging Issues in American Policing, Vol. 4

Nov 16, 2018 in Education & Law Enforcement Today & Leadership
By Rebecca Neusteter & Megan O'Toole

Emerging Issues in American Policing is a quarterly digest intended for police-practitioners and community members that presents innovations in the field of policing from the leading academic journals and research publications. Please forward any questions or suggestions to [email protected] Shift-Type and De-Escalation A simulated research experiment reveals that day-shift officers resolve situations more collaboratively and a... Full Article »

Time for Introspection

Nov 03, 2018 in Education & Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Training
By David Magnusson

It is good—no, let me rephrase that—it’s quite necessary for me to look in the mirror and carefully, honestly, and methodically self-assess what I am about. As a law enforcement professional, my self-assessment deals with my actions, as well as those of my brother and sisters who put on the uniform, pin on the badge, and walk out their homes every morning, afternoon, and night protecting the citizenry. Why the Need Now? I recently retired... Full Article »

Making Criticism Constructive

Sep 20, 2018 in Education & Leadership & Training
By Sam DiGiovanna

Police officers are typically a straightforward, direct bunch. They’ll tell you when they think you’re doing something wrong, or when you could be doing it better. And mostly that’s good—we can’t afford to be dancing around one another’s feelings when we’re  in a foot pursuit or working to keep an unruly crowd in control. What we so freely dish out, however, we first responders aren't always so good at accepting. Being at the rece... Full Article »

Police & Group Identity

Sep 20, 2018 in Education & Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Training
By Jesse Williams & Randy Larcher

“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he today that sheds his blood with me Shall be my brother…” Shakespeare’s Henry V, Act IV Human history is a repeated dialogue of division. From the earliest times, humans have divided themselves into groups and then competed with other groups for territory, resources, or other priorities. Examples of this propensity abound, from The Crusades to the religious, ethnic, and gang wars of ... Full Article »

Is Your Department Drifting?

Aug 22, 2018 in Education & Law Enforcement Today & Leadership
By Sam DiGiovanna

I recently read a story about two teenage boys who came upon an abandoned boat floating in the river. The paddles were broken, but that didn't deter them. They jumped in the boat without much thought. We shoved off and drifted downstream talking, joking and carrying on. I'm not sure how much time passed as we floated aimlessly along, but we knew we were in trouble when a loud roar reached our ears. Up ahead, water was rushing over the dam. P... Full Article »

New Year’s Homicide

Oct 23, 2017 in Education & Law Enforcement Today & Patrol
By Dave Grossi

Every now and then I like to author a reality piece that our readers might enjoy. No real teaching point, just interesting cop stuff. (The last such piece was in April, 2016, “The Full-Moon Kidnapper & a Clerk Named Sue.”) This new article has to deal with the last case I worked as a Physical Crimes detective. It was New Year’s Eve. My partner, Ron, was taking some lost time and we were on our way to drop him off at home. I was then go... Full Article »

Graham Upheld; Ninth’s Provocation Doctrine Rejected Unanimously

May 31, 2017 in Education & Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Officer Safety & Survival
By Jim Glennon

I’m certainly no legal scholar. Haven’t been to law school. Never prosecuted a case or defended an offender. But I do have 30-plus years in law enforcement, a pretty good working understanding of laws, the Constitution, and, I believe, a fair share of common sense. Back in 2002, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit determined in a case titled Billington v. Smith, that the lawful use of deadly force by the police may be ruled unlawfu... Full Article »

Top 10 Case Laws All FTOs Should Know

May 31, 2017 in Education & Law Enforcement Today & Patrol & Training
By Graham Tinius and Daniel Greene

[Publisher’s Note: The materials on this website are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. You should not act or rely on any information contained in this website without first seeking the advice of an attorney.] We're always surprised when we hear a fellow officer, especially a field training officer, unable to describe the details of Graham v. Connor. It has such significance that anyone in law enforcem... Full Article »

Unmasking the Mask: 21st Century Criminal Disguises

Apr 24, 2017 in Education & Law Enforcement Today & Training
By Mark Tallman

What’s in a face? These days, a lot. Between public CCTV, private surveillance, and an internet-connected camera in everybody’s pocket, most people are now captured on camera many times throughout their day. Civil libertarians and privacy advocates are within their rights to encourage discussions on privacy. Yet, if we take a hint from other technologic trends, we can bet that CCTV, facial recognition systems, and video biometrics will only ... Full Article »

We Have an Opportunity; Let’s Use It

Jul 26, 2016 in Defensive Tactics & Education & Law Enforcement Today & Leadership
By Jim Glennon

Ah, to be right! There's an intoxicating aspect to self-righteousness: Ecstasy, exhilaration, perhaps a euphoric elation due to an endorphin release that comes with the belief that you're the one holding the high ground—it feels terrific. We are now experiencing quite the chasm in this country, especially when it comes to law enforcement and their supporters vs. people who believe police are at the very least part of a very broken criminal jus... Full Article »

What Got Us Here Won’t Get Us There

Jul 05, 2016 in Education & Law Enforcement Today

Business educator and coach Dr. Marshall Goldsmith wrote a book called What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There. There is an important lesson in that title for the law enforcement profession. What got us here as a profession will not get us to where we need to go in the coming years. In order to move the profession forward we need to think, train, lead, prepare, behave and live differently. Recommendations [caption id="attachment_8696" alig... Full Article »

Cameras are Revealing the Truth, Which Is: Cops are Liars

Jun 24, 2016 in Education & Law Enforcement Today & Leadership
By Jim Glennon

A couple of nights ago as I was surfing the news channels I heard various people of differing political views discussing how video is proving that police officers lie constantly. A story in the Chicago Tribune addressed this issue on its front page. On the net I found similar stories where the end results were chiefs and sheriffs firing officers because their accounts of the incidents didn’t exactly match what was seen on a video—even though ... Full Article »

Field Training in the 21st Century, Part III

May 26, 2016 in Education & Patrol & Training
By Graham Tinius and Daniel Greene

This is our final installment of a three-part series on the 21st Century Field Training Officer. (For the other parts, click here and here.) In March of 2016, the National Association of Field Training Officers (NAFTO) had the opportunity to present this information in classroom form to an audience of some of America’s best Law Enforcement instructors at the annual ILEETA conference in Chicago, Ill. The class was well-received and we feel that ... Full Article »

So You’re Thinking of Becoming an Expert?

May 25, 2016 in Education & Leadership
By Dave Grossi

The draft of this article has been sitting in my pending file for a few years. Since I’m about 98% retired from the expert industry, I figure now's the time. This is a two-part series. Part Uno will deal with the issues of being a consulting expert. Part Dos will cover all the facets of appearing in court as a testifying expert. How It Works First, every expert is initially hired as a consulting expert. Simply put, he or she is retained to r... Full Article »

The Fundamentals of Supervision: It Comes Down to Basics

May 11, 2016 in Education & Leadership & Patrol
By Scott Hughes

Last month I wrote an article entitled “Remember Where You Came From.” Not to brag, but that article generated more than 75,000 views on Facebook and dozens of comments from readers. After reading the comments and emails I decided to create a snapshot of what I believe makes an effective supervisor. While this is certainly not an all-inclusive list, I hope it will serve as a reminder to those in supervision ranks (or those with aspirations of... Full Article »

How to Bust Embezzlers

May 05, 2016 in Education & Patrol & Tech & Technology & Training

Last time around, we talked about how to organize financial data for an investigation. Let’s take those techniques and apply them to a specific type of investigation: embezzlement. Embezzlement: How It Works For our purposes, we are going to refer to embezzlement as a financial crime where somebody internal to an organization misappropriates money or goods that are entrusted in their care. That trust is what makes it such a unique monster. W... Full Article »

The Best of IACP Products

Oct 29, 2015 in Education & Weapons & Tactical Gear
By Crawford Coates

Trends in law enforcement technology have been pretty clear in recent years (data, video and combinations thereof). But there's much more to it than that. IACP's vendor hall is always a great place to see where we might be headed. Beyond broad trends, there were several specific products and vendors that popped out of the aisles. The following are definitely worth checking out, whether or not you're in the market currently. Here's where we're ... Full Article »

Webinar: The Guardian-Leader

Jun 02, 2015 in Education & Leadership
By Calibre Press

The Guardian-Leader: Creating the culture of success in your agency This webinar examines police culture and leadership, with the goal of helping you—regardless of your rank—become an agent for positive change in your agency. This topic has never been more relevant to our profession, and, as Glennon attests, it's incumbent upon all officers to be leaders and ambassadors for improvement. Full Article »

Education & Training—Better Together!

Apr 14, 2015 in Education & Leadership
By Marc Joseph

You may be thinking that you want, or even need, to go back to school to earn the college degree that you never received. But you might also be feeling that you’re way too busy. Maybe the cost is concerning to you. All valid concerns. But commitment often requires sacrifice, and it’s never too late for self-improvement. Some of you may have already received your associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and/or even Ph.D.... Full Article »

Resolutions Revisited

Jan 26, 2015 in Education & Leadership
By Scott Hughes

We’re a few weeks into 2015 and I suspect some of us are already losing sight of our New Year Resolutions. The five most common, according to, are: 1) lose weight, 2) get organized, 3) spend less (save more), 4) enjoy life to the fullest, and 5) stay fit and healthy. The harsh reality: we almost always fail to realize these lofty goals. What about you? What did you want to do different in 2015? What are your professional ... Full Article »

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