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What’s it really like to be married to a cop?

Aug 21, 2019 in Law Enforcement Today & Officer Safety & Survival
By: Kelly DeVoll

By Kelly and Tia DeVollWhen setting out to write about the subject of police marriage, we struggled with what we wanted to put on paper.Police marriage. What is it like to be married to a police officer? What is it like NOT to be married to a police officer? It’s the only marriage we have ever known, as we’ve both only been married once. We can’t count the number of times we’ve heard, “I could never marry a police officer!” ... Full Article »

The Real Heroes

Dec 14, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Officer Safety & Survival
By: Kelly DeVoll

As of this writing I am 225 days from retirement. I’ve spent the past 28-plus years serving two different communities and have loved the challenges through the years. For the vast majority of that time I have had the same beautiful girl by my side! She comforts me when I am sad, strengthens me when I am weak, keeps me grounded when I feel full of myself. She is my rock! But recently the relationship has changed …    Reflection Not the re... Full Article »

No Excuse: “That’s the Way I Was Trained!”

Jun 06, 2016 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Patrol & Training
By: Kelly DeVoll

Several years ago when I was a patrol sergeant we made it a practice to have new officers coming into the agency and onto our shift show us what they knew relating to critical tasks for the job. We wanted to know, tactically, where they stood and what we needed to work on to make them more proficient. At one point we had two new officers assigned to my shift and we decided that we would have them demonstrate a high-risk traffic stop. This tact... Full Article »

A Gentle Reminder

Jan 15, 2015 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership
By: Kelly DeVoll

Remember this?I, __________ __________, do solemnly swear or affirm that I will faithfully execute the duties of the office of police officer of the State of _____________ and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect and defend the constitution and laws of the United States and of this state, so help me God.I had to pull my oath of office back out today. A couple of years ago my chief gave me and every sworn officer in our departm... Full Article »