Developing Smarter, Safer, More Successful Law Enforcement Officers
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Humor in Blue: The Bust

Jun 28, 2017
By Dave Grossi

Undercover narcs are an odd bunch. Nobody gets ordered to do the kind of work they do. They apply for it, have to be interviewed, have their work backgrounds reviewed, and if they’re lucky... Full Article »

Stretching Your Brain

Jun 27, 2017
By Randy Larcher & Jesse Williams

If you’ve ever built anything of consequence, you know it is crucial to develop a plan before proceeding with the project. First comes the mental concept, or a picture in your mind of the ... Full Article »

Police Week: Why It Matters

Jun 26, 2017
By Darrin Fulton

Due to the tragic loss of two officers from my department in 2016, I was asked by the National Latino Peace Officers Association (NLPOA) national president whether I would like to attend Nat... Full Article »

DASHCAM: Officer Yanez Video Released [Plus Radio Audio]

Jun 20, 2017
By Calibre Press

 ... Full Article »

The Tool That’s Been Forgotten

Jun 20, 2017
By Robert J. Kicklighter

Regardless of personal beliefs as to the beginning of humanity, it is apparent that communication is an important part of relationship building. Early man used every skill available to commu... Full Article »

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