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VIDEO: Huntington Beach Officer Fatally Shoots Man [GRAPHIC]

Sep 22, 2017
By Calibre Press

From Videos posted on Twitter Friday morning show a Huntington Beach police officer struggling with and then firing multiple times on a man who collapses in front of a 7-Eleven. P... Full Article »

The Decoy

Sep 22, 2017
By Dave Grossi

[Publisher’s Note: Humor in Blue is a new column by Calibre Press alum Dave Grossi. Similar in style to his hilarious eight-part Lawyers I’ve Known series, these eight stories have been ... Full Article »

What Nearly Happened

Sep 22, 2017
By Crawford Coates

I recently asked a very knowledgeable university-level researcher who studies police and, specifically, the effects of fatigue on officer performance a simple question: “Can you name a cas... Full Article »

WEBCAST: A Rational Approach to Incorporating De-Escalation into Policy

Sep 20, 2017
By Calibre Press

Made possible by Lexipol... Full Article »

BODYCAM: Officer Detains Autistic Teen

Sep 20, 2017
By Calibre Press

From Police body-camera footage shows a Buckeye police officer detaining a 14-year-old boy with autism after he became suspicious of the boy, who was practicing one of his ca... Full Article »

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