Developing Smarter, Safer, More Successful Law Enforcement Officers
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VIDEO: Napa Deputy Shot At, Kills Suspect

Feb 21, 2019
By Calibre Press

As reports:  A man pulled over for a traffic stop, rolled his window down, drew a handgun and opened fire on cops before being fatally shot by a deputy, graphic video releas... Full Article »

How to Combat That Which You Don’t Know Is There?

Feb 21, 2019
By David Magnusson

First, the Stats I am highly concerned about the rising rates of ambushes/unprovoked attacks on law enforcement officers. You should be too. Moving forward in this article, I will drive hom... Full Article »

Our Security Allies

Feb 21, 2019
By John Patston

When Americans leave their homes for business or for leisure, there’s an expectation that they remain fairly safe while interacting with the rest of society. If not for the role of governm... Full Article »

Sovereign Threats

Feb 21, 2019
By Lt. Robert Woolsey

A subculture that exists in most communities around the United States, whose followers believe in bizarre, complex antigovernment sentiments. It has been growing at a fast pace since the lat... Full Article »

The Blue Line: Cowardice, Capitulation, & Politics

Feb 13, 2019
By Jim Glennon

I admit I don’t know the complete history concerning the use of the “Blue Line” in law enforcement. I do know that I’ve been in this work for nearly 40 years, and my father and grand... Full Article »

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