Developing Smarter, Safer, More Successful Law Enforcement Officers
1468364430:138630Most people I encounter feel my life doesn't matter; I will protect them regardless1truetrueTommy LugoTommy Lugo is a police officer in Kansas with 12 years on the force, all on patrol.301

BODYCAM: Florida Officer Indicted After Shooting into Car

Feb 21, 2017
By Calibre Press

From  An Oviedo police officer has been charged with shooting into an occupied vehicle and two counts of aggravated battery after firing his gun at a suspect revving ... Full Article »

WINx: The Questions that Unite Us

Feb 21, 2017
By Dongsup Samuel Kim

In this powerful talk from WINx Chicago 2016 sponsored by Centinel Solutions, Dongsup "Sam" Kim talks about his experience working with inner city youth in Boston. Sam was involved in the Yo... Full Article »

Leading By GPS

Feb 21, 2017
By Jim Glennon

“Our sergeants literally sit in their offices, stare at their computers, and track where we are at by our GPS! They’re pathetic.” This is almost exactly what a police officer told me ... Full Article »

The Mindful Officer: Take a Deep Breath …

Feb 17, 2017
By Shawn Perron

In last several articles we’ve learned about the myriad benefits of mindfulness techniques for any first responder (here, here, and here, for example). The foundational anchor for mindfuln... Full Article »

Blauer: Gang Officers Fight for Life

Feb 16, 2017
By Tony Blauer

This video is one every first responder should watch. It's natural for anyone watching CCTV, body- or dashcam, or, in this case, television footage, to reverse engineer what "reality" we see... Full Article »

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