Developing Smarter, Safer, More Successful Law Enforcement Officers
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DASHCAM: Las Vegas Officer Shoots Suspect Holding Hostage

Nov 16, 2017
By Calibre Press

From the  Las Vegas police have identified the man an officer shot and killed in the south valley Saturday evening. Assistant Sheriff Tom Roberts said officer David... Full Article »

Watching Your 12

Nov 14, 2017
By Karen Solomon

You’re a cop. What does this mean? It means you do what’s best in the interest of public safety. You control, regulate, and keep order for a living. What’s often forgotten? Controlli... Full Article »

DASHCAM: Pueblo Officer Shoots into Fleeing Vehicle

Nov 08, 2017
By Calibre Press

From  Nine months after a man who Pueblo (Colo.) Police say was a known gang member was shot and killed by officers during a tense confrontation, the department released body ... Full Article »

Training for Your Life

Nov 08, 2017
By David Magnusson

Under my names are a few sentences that describe who I am and what I do. It reads something like this: Chief Magnusson is the chief of Havelock (N.C.) Police Department. He spent 30 years wi... Full Article »

Fly High or Drop It By

Nov 08, 2017
By Richard Hough

The investigation of drug delivery by mail or parcel service is a challenge for law enforcement, making it attractive to those who want to send various types of contraband rather than delive... Full Article »

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