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VIDEO: LAPD Officers Shoot Man with Knife with Beanbag Rounds

Apr 18, 2019
By Calibre Press

As reported by An investigation is underway after Los Angeles police officers deployed non-lethal weapons on a knife-wielding man in a downtown Los Angeles restaurant in late Febr... Full Article »

BODYCAM: Officer Shoots Man Armed with Crowbar

Apr 18, 2019
By Calibre Press

As reported by  Police are releasing new details after a man, who walked away from a halfway house in Oklahoma City, allegedly charged at an officer. On Wednesday, just afte... Full Article »

FTO: Lead from Where You Are

Apr 18, 2019
By David Brown

It's 0300 on a Tuesday. It’s been a relatively slow shift which is set to end at 0600. You’re serving as a Field Training Officer (FTO). It’s Day 17 of the FTO period. You and the new ... Full Article »

You, Me, & the Whole Crew

Apr 18, 2019
By John Patston

How well an organization performs greatly depends on the collective effort. With us cops individualism is not as important as plural talents. If I’m going to crush the ball out of the park... Full Article »


Apr 12, 2019
By Crawford Coates

Notice: As the publisher at Calibre Press, I like to be able to stand by all that we do and say. Unfortunately, sometimes I get it wrong, as was the case for the article entitled "In a World... Full Article »

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