Developing Smarter, Safer, More Successful Law Enforcement Officers
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National Police Week

May 18, 2019
By Jim Glennon

The Calibre Press team once again joined the blue masses in Washington, DC to participate in the annual National Police Week activities. As always, the event was marked by an intense and cou... Full Article »

The #1 Killer

May 17, 2019
By Calibre Press

The work of first response comes with occupational hazards, including psychological injury. Knowing and accepting this is the first step. Beyond that, how do we build resilience throughout o... Full Article »

BODYCAM: Intense Shootout at San Diego Apartment

May 15, 2019
By Calibre Press

From [caption id="attachment_12267" align="alignright" width="337"] For an excellent primer on "ghost" guns, check out this article by Professor Mark Tallman. [/caption] ... Full Article »

Another Hero Down

May 15, 2019
By Robert J. Kicklighter

“You’re in the arms of the Angel, may you find some comfort here.” The Savannah Police Department (SPD) confirmed one officer has died after a shooting Saturday night near the 2300 ... Full Article »

The Odds of Another School Shooting

May 15, 2019
By David Magnusson

Another school shooting! These words used to numb me. Yes, they still do. But there’s a growing sense of frustration and anger that complements my outrage and sadness when I learn of suc... Full Article »

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