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DASHCAM: Fatal OIS of Armed Man

Feb 14, 2018
By Calibre Press

From the Daily Journal:  Police video of a Jan. 22 fatal shooting in Millville, N.J., shows the deceased man refusing to obey orders to halt and apparently holding an unidentified object i... Full Article »

Picking a Combatives School

Feb 13, 2018
By H.K. Slade

“I want to get better in a fight. Where do you think I should train?” At least one fellow officer asks me some variation of that question every week. I am flattered that they ask and ha... Full Article »

Cover Officer Tactics

Feb 13, 2018
By Dave Grossi

[Author’s Note: I recently became engaged in a lengthy discussion on the issues of contact and cover (C/C) with an officer from the Midwest. This officer had a pretty good grasp on the con... Full Article »

DASHCAM: Man with Knife Leaps from Car at Officer

Feb 07, 2018
By Calibre Press

From CLAYTON, Ga. - A man fled from police, crashed his car, then was shot and killed after attacking an officer in Rabun County this week, authorities said. The chase and... Full Article »

Our Gooey Blue Centers

Feb 06, 2018
By Guy Quaintance

I recently read an article on Calibre Press about a retiring Lieutenant’s hero: his wife. I find myself in a similar position. For my part, if there were ever a choice to make between my w... Full Article »

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