Developing Smarter, Safer, More Successful Law Enforcement Officers
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Deadly Reminders of Survival Commandments

Jan 19, 2020
By Calibre Press

One of the critical officer survival commandments we discuss in the nearly 400 pages of our book Street Survival II (available through our Web site and Amazon) is the fact that just because ... Full Article »

Academies Don’t Fully Train Rookies…Alone.

Jan 17, 2020
By Lt. Pete Ebel

When my cell phone rang, I was glad to answer. The call was from a buddy - not some robocall promising lower rates or baiting me into giving up banking information. But it didn't take lon... Full Article »

Cops Helping Cops After Trauma

Jan 15, 2020
By Calibre Press

In an earlier Calibre Press article we shared tips on ways investigators can help, not further harm, traumatized officers after a force event (see below for a link to that piece). In ligh... Full Article »

A Cop’s Candid Story: Confronting Anxiety and Depression

Jan 13, 2020
By Sgt. Charlie Eipper

Some time ago, I attended a mandatory mental health briefing with my Gang Task Force officers. Approximately 60 other officers and dispatchers were present. The speaker was a nurse practitio... Full Article »

A Toddler’s Death Sparks Mourning…and Training

Jan 10, 2020
By Sgt. Cathy Riggs, LAPD

Recently, officers I work with responded to a call that no law enforcement professional ever wants to answer: a toddler was found floating face down in a pool. After the incident, the office... Full Article »

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