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You’ve Got to Throw the Right!

Dec 14, 2017
By David Magnusson

Go to a mirror. Any mirror. Get into a fighting stance. Got it? Now throw your money punch: a straight right cross. (If you’re left-handed, that will be a straight left. Throughout the art... Full Article »

The Real Heroes

Dec 14, 2017
By Kelly DeVoll

As of this writing I am 225 days from retirement. I’ve spent the past 28-plus years serving two different communities and have loved the challenges through the years. For the vast majority... Full Article »

BODYCAM: Officer Found Not Guilty of Second-degree Murder of Daniel Shaver

Dec 08, 2017
By Calibre Press

From  Police in Mesa, Arizona released disturbing body camera video on Thursday hours after a former officer was acquitted of a murder charge in the fatal shooting of an u... Full Article »

DASHCAM: Bicyclist Fires on Officer, Flees

Dec 06, 2017
By Calibre Press

From Leesburg (Fla.) Police Officer Travonte Kitchen was patrolling Monday night, along U.S. Highway 441, when he saw a man riding his bike with no tail light. When he tried ... Full Article »

Bleeding Out

Dec 04, 2017
By Jim Glennon

16-year-old Steven Rahor knew what he wanted to do right away. It was the beginning of his junior year and he was sitting in his social studies class when the teacher gave out an assignment... Full Article »

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