Developing Smarter, Safer, More Successful Law Enforcement Officers
1468364430:138630Most people I encounter feel my life doesn't matter; I will protect them regardless1truetrueTommy LugoTommy Lugo is a police officer in Kansas with 12 years on the force, all on patrol.301

300 Murdered White Kids

Sep 29, 2016
By Jim Glennon The protestors who rarely make the national news: A Chicago prayer vigil.

The population of Chicago is 2.179 million people. Of that 2.179 million approximately 33% are black. As of this writing, Sept. 26, 2016, 3,218 people have been shot and 556 murdered in Chic... Full Article »

BODYCAMS: Former Officer’s Excessive Force Footage Released

Sep 27, 2016
By Calibre Press Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 9.57.16 AM

From GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Body camera video released Monday by city leaders shows a former Greensboro police officer using "disturbing" excessive force. After releasing the video... Full Article »

Whatever It Shows: Release the Video!

Sep 27, 2016
By Nick Selby charlotte-presser

Over the weekend, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney decided to release police video of the officer-involved shooting of Keith Scott. As we saw, the video was inconclusive. It in... Full Article »

How Many Is Too Many?

Sep 26, 2016
By Jim Glennon And: How do you explain the violence?

One is too many. No question about it. One person, just one, out of the over 300 million in this country, shot unjustifiably by the police is one too many. Goes without saying. Let’s all... Full Article »

Where Have All the Lawyers Gone?

Sep 26, 2016
By Dave Grossi Not one of these three is a lawyer.

There’s a folk song written by Pete Seeger and recorded by The Kingston Trio that hit it big in 1964. It’s called “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” The first verse ends with “youn... Full Article »

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