Developing Smarter, Safer, More Successful Law Enforcement Officers
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Insider Advice for Reporters Covering Active Shooters, Hostage Takers, Etc.

Oct 23, 2019
By Calibre Press

As intense critical incidents play out you can bet cameras will be rolling, social media will be exploding and reporters will be swarming. Think back and it’s a safe bet you can remember a... Full Article »

How to Spot Armed Suspects

Oct 21, 2019
By Charles Remsberg

Most officers who get shot are caught by surprise – but does that have to be? If you know how to read subtle cues that indicate concealed carry, you may be able to anticipate that you’re... Full Article »

Is Your Departmental Culture Changing?

Oct 18, 2019
By Officer Art Carlos

Tap into your “Patrol Cipher.” Agency mission statements are typically straight forward and stay the same over time. It doesn’t take an interpreter to help someone understand what the... Full Article »

Cops Face Challenges – It’s What They Do

Oct 16, 2019
By Scott Buhrmaster

Back in 2008, on the milestone of my being involved in the law enforcement training community for 20 years, I was asked to craft a retrospective for one of the leading national police public... Full Article »

10 Tips: Opportunities to Make Your Officers Look Good

Oct 14, 2019
By Calibre Press

As we all know, the media is full of stories that cast a negative light on law enforcement agencies and officers. There seems to be no lack of information that can be used to that end. One t... Full Article »

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