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Believe, Encourage, Challenge, Correct

Feb 03, 2015 in Training
By Graham Tinius and Daniel Greene

Leadership speaker Scott Williams frequently characterizes his mentor and the influence he had on him early in his career with the acronym BECC: Believe, encourage, challenge and correct. His mentor believed in him at all times, encouraged him to be forward thinking, challenged him to take on more, and corrected him back on the right path when he made mistakes.Those qualities and goals are desirable in any leadership position, and I believe ... Full Article »

Train to Win, Every Day

Nov 13, 2014 in Training
By Pam Starr

Because I am an educational geek—not only with law enforcement training classes, but civilian training and academic classes as well—I recently attended a self-defense class taught by Deputy Tom Popken, creator ofThe No Technique System of Self Defense. Tom’s a thirty-plus year law enforcement officer and was my police academy defensive tactics instructor. He teaches police officers and civilians the art of fighting to win—and he’s damn ... Full Article »

Ebola & LEOs

Nov 13, 2014 in Law Enforcement Today & Officer Safety & Survival
By Crawford Coates

One man, Thomas Eric Duncan, has died in the U.S. from Ebola. Two healthcare nurses who attended to Duncan—two of at least 50 people who helped care for him at Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas hospital—are also believed to have contracted the disease. In theory, this is not possible because Ebola patients in the U.S. are treated in sterile isolation units. Now everyone who worked in the isolation unit on Duncan, according to Center for Diseas... Full Article »

Handcuffing: The Lost Art?

Nov 12, 2014 in Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol
By Dave Grossi

When you really think about it and analyze it from a control standpoint, handcuffs are the one force tool we probably use more than any other. I’d estimate that almost 100% of arrestees are handcuffed when taken into custody. And they should be. One of the biggest mistakes cops make is not cuffing every arrestee properly (i.e., behind the back). It’s also the one force tool that we train with the least. Very few agencies require retraining o... Full Article »

Traffic Stop Survival

Nov 12, 2014 in Officer Safety & Survival & Training
By Scott Hughes

Traffic stops are undoubtedly the most common task performed by police officers. Unfortunately, because these encounters are frequently uneventful, officers become that infamous c-word: complacent! Despite telling officers that there’s no such thing as routine, we find ourselves treating traffic stops as just that. And, again, there is no such thing as routine!During my Tactics in Traffic (TNT) Course I stress several things with the hopes ... Full Article »

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