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VIDEO: Known Criminal Refuses to Comply

Feb 25, 2015 in Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Training & Video
By Calibre Press

Certain behaviors at traffic stops are dead giveaways. You know them: leaving the car on, getting out of the car without prompting, stalling, fidgeting and so forth. In this case it's even more apparent. Watch as the officers, knowing the criminal history of this driver, struggle with a complex and rapidly evolving traffic stop, involving not just the suspect, but a small child and woman in the car. The stress is evident. Stay safe out there!... Full Article »

VIDEO: Traffic Stop Survival

Feb 16, 2015 in Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Video
By Calibre Press

An early morning traffic stop in late 2013 nearly turned deadly for Officer Dave Leighty. Fortunately, he spotted behavior in the suspect that led him to deploy tactics of caution that almost certainly saved Leighty's life. CLICK HERE FOR A FULL, EXCLUSIVE ANALYSIS OF THE STOP. ... Full Article »

Video: Traffic Stop Shooting

Jan 31, 2015 in Officer Safety & Survival & Video
By Calibre Press Thursday, January 29, 2015, Dallas F McIntosh M/B 30 years of age came before the Honorable Robert Haida in St Clair County for his sentencing hearing for his role in the attempted murder of two FHPD officers, which occurred in Fairview Heights in September 2012. Judge Haida sentenced McIntosh to 40 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections.McIntosh has previously pled guilty to two coun... Full Article »

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