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WEBCAST: Train Your Officers to Spot Deception & Pre-Attack Cues

Aug 12, 2015 in Uncategorized
By Jim Glennon

For some officers it take a full career to develop the art and science of detecting pre-attack cues and deception. In fact, to really refine these skills it takes time--considerable time and effort. But as a trainer we must jumpstart this process in our cadets and prepare them for the streets, where deception and violence abound. How? [REGISTER NOW!] In this webcast I will explore this fascinating topic. There are no hard-and-fast rules, but th... Full Article »

Webinar: The Guardian-Leader

May 14, 2015 in Leadership
By Jim Glennon

The Guardian-Leader: Creating the culture of success in your agency Date: Monday, June 1st Time: 1pm CST Instructed by: Lt. Jim Glennon Register Here This webinar will examine police culture and leadership, with the goal of helping you—regardless of your rank—become an agent for positive change in your agency. This topic has never been more relevant to our profession, and, as Glennon attests, it's incumbent upon all officers to be leade... Full Article »

Enough Is Enough

Nov 13, 2014 in Law Enforcement Today
By Jim Glennon

“If it saved the life of only one child it is worth changing the law on ___.” (Insert agenda, law, policy, or cultural practice.)I’ve heard this line used by people of every political persuasion pushing an agenda or belief system countless times over the years. It’s been used for: gun control, driving while using cell phones, wearing seatbelts, 20-oz. sodas, donuts, candy, cigarettes, beer, booze, light bulbs, insulation, windows, fir... Full Article »

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