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Enough Is Enough

Nov 13, 2014 in Law Enforcement Today
By Jim Glennon

“If it saved the life of only one child it is worth changing the law on ___.” (Insert agenda, law, policy, or cultural practice.)I’ve heard this line used by people of every political persuasion pushing an agenda or belief system countless times over the years. It’s been used for: gun control, driving while using cell phones, wearing seatbelts, 20-oz. sodas, donuts, candy, cigarettes, beer, booze, light bulbs, insulation, windows, fir... Full Article »

Multiple Aliases, Multiple Arrests

Nov 13, 2014 in Officer Safety & Survival
By Crawford Coates

U.S. Immigration and Customs has confirmed that the fingerprints of an alleged-cop killer who identified himself as Marcelo Marquez match those of Luis Enrique Monroy-Bracamonte. According to friends and family, those were just two of several names he went by.It has been determined that Monroy-Bracamonte is in the country illegally, and has twice been deported and spent multiple stints behind bars. According to records from the Maricopa Sheri... Full Article »

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