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The Time Is Now

Mar 23, 2015 in Leadership
By William Mazur

How many times have you talked to your colleagues—in the locker room, at the gym or on a coffee break—about the misconceptions the public has when it comes to police work? Most of the time it probably includes some choice words to describe the often unrealistic expectations the public has regarding our performance and their tendency to judge the acts of officers prematurely when the public has no understanding of the actual facts. This produc... Full Article »

A Chat with Chuck Remsberg

Mar 10, 2015 in Leadership
By Crawford Coates

Author's Note: One of the keys to the success of Calibre Press is an appreciation of where it comes from. Although there have been several owners over the years, Chuck Remsberg—one of the original founders, along with Denny Anderson—remains active in police training and remains a guiding presence in this profession. Although Calibre Press is now and for the first time owned and operated by a police officer, Jim Glennon, it’s remarkable to ... Full Article »

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