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Introducing the Calibre Press Fitness Video Series!

Sep 16, 2015 in Fitness & Health & Leadership
By Greg Amundson

Good physical conditioning is the cornerstone of good police work. On the street, a strong, durable, resilient and powerful body can be your greatest asset, especially in critical moments.[caption id="attachment_6929" align="alignright" width="273"] CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE INTRODUCTORY VIDEO![/caption] Furthermore, disciplined physical training leads to mental confidence, improves command presence, and has been shown to actually decrease a... Full Article »

Introducing Calibre Press Fitness Videos!

Sep 16, 2015 in Fitness & Health & Law Enforcement Today & Video
By Calibre Press

[Editor's Note: This is the introductory video in a series produced by Calibre Press. We believe that fitness is the cornerstone of this profession. Furthermore, we believe that it's never to late to commit your overall health. Proper exercise and nutrition will make you stronger and faster and improve endurance and flexibility. But it will also make your sleep more restful, improve self-esteem, reduce stress and, overall, improve the quality of ... Full Article »

Essential Fitness

Jan 16, 2015 in Fitness & Health
By Greg Amundson

In 2001, I was fresh out of the South Bay (Calif.) Regional Police Academy with my Field Training Officer (FTO) Program behind me. I was ready to hit the street. Or so I thought ... Within one week of being a “solo deputy” with the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, I got my ass handed to me in a fight. Good thing my former FTO arrived on scene to help subdue the suspect. I told my FTO it felt like I’d been breathing through a straw... Full Article »

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