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Managing a Live-Fire Range

Sep 18, 2015 in Training
By R.K. Miller

Firearms instructor courses sometimes fail to address the important topic of how to safely and effectively manage the firing line. Without proper care, control and forethought, the potential for unproductive training or, worse yet, injury to one of our own is a real possibility. To correct this deficiency, firearms instructors should keep in mind five basic concepts as they move officers up to the live fire line. These concepts can perhaps best ... Full Article »

Negligent Shootings

Jul 28, 2015 in Patrol
By Mark Schraer

In only the past four years, seven more law enforcement officers have been killed in non-duty related shootings. The two most recent deaths occurred in the first four months of 2015.April, 2015: A Florida officer is killed during firearms training by another officer who was reloading his pistol; January, 2015: A Mississippi law enforcement administrator killed during training by an officer who mistakenly believed that his pistol was unload... Full Article »

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