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Periscoping and Driving Under the Influence

Oct 13, 2015 in Law Enforcement Today & Patrol
By Calibre Press

Late last night, a 23 year-old woman broadcasted herself on Periscope as she was admittedly driving drunk.For those that do not know, Periscope is an app that allows users to live stream video from their phone. (Here's a great primer for law enforcement.) woman advised several times on Periscope that she was "drunk" and that she had a flat tire. Also, she mentioned several times that she h... Full Article »

VIDEO: Officer Attacked by Hit and Run Suspect

Apr 04, 2015 in Law Enforcement Today & Video
By Calibre Press

Two brothers are now facing aggravated assault and battery charges.Police say around 11:30 Tuesday night they were called to a DUI hit and run.In the video, Michael Soto can be seen resisting arrest and yelling. Sgt. White continues to tell him to stay on the ground and says if Soto doesn't, he'll get tased.At that time a second officer arrives on scene, Sgt. Aaron Smith. Things start to go downhill again. Police say Soto continues to... Full Article »

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