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VIDEO: Man Shot When He Pretends to Pull Weapon

Sep 29, 2015 in Video
By Calibre Press

Surveillance Video of an officer involved shooting in Baltimore County, Maryland was released late last week.  The video shows Keith Harrison McLeod aggressively advancing towards a police officer.  As the officer had his gun drawn and was attempting to create distance, McLeod pretends to draw a weapon.  In response to that action, the officer shot McLeod three times, fatally wounding him."My ... Full Article »

Own It

May 04, 2015 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership
By Jim Glennon

Cops are always the bad guys. I’m getting real tired of this same old song. Real tired. I’ve written about it many, many times.Law enforcement officers in Baltimore have been described as heartless, brutal, racists, and murderers. People who have no regard for human lives. They are characterized as robotic soulless creatures who live to hurt others and abuse their authority.We’re used to hearing such things about our profession from... Full Article »

Video: Freddie Gray Incident and Fallout

Apr 27, 2015 in Law Enforcement Today & Video
By Calibre Press

Officials said 31 adults and 4 juveniles were arrested, and six police officers were hurt after several storefronts were vandalized and other properties were damaged in the waning hours of the Freddie Gray demonstrations."Groups of outside agitators led to small pockets of protesters engaged in criminal activity," police said in a statement released Sunday. "The Baltimore Police Department believes that outside agitators continue to be the i... Full Article »

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