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Lt. Pam Starr

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Lt. Pam Starr
has worked for the Dallas (TX) Police Department for eighteen years. Before her employment by Dallas, Pam worked as a police dispatcher at Travis County Sheriff’s Office, Austin, Texas. She also worked as an Emergency Medical Technician in Austin, bringing her total years in public service to twenty-three. She is certified by the State of Texas as a Master Peace Officer and has worked in uniform as a patrol and bicycle patrol officer. She worked undercover in the Narcotics Division, worked in training as a Firearms Instructor, and served as a detective in the Background Investigations Unit. Upon promotion to the rank of sergeant, Pam was assigned to Dallas’s Central Patrol Division where she worked until a transfer brought her back to the Narcotics Division. She now supervises undercover detectives who conduct mid-level drug investigations.

Pam Starr earned a Bachelor’s of Social Science from Southern Methodist University where her focus was Sociology and Criminology. She also studied at Texas Women’s University, ultimately earning her Master’s Degree in Women’s Studies with a focus on women in leadership and government. Most recently, Pam graduated from the Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas’s Leadership Inventory for Female Executives program.

Pam is a state certified instructor in both law enforcement and firearms. She holds additional instructor certifications in Rapid Response, Urban Tactical Rifle and CrossFit. She is married to a police officer and has two dogs. Her outside interests include feminist studies and physical and tactical training, especially for females.