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DASHCAM: Good Samaritans Help Trooper in Fight

Mar 28, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Video
By Calibre Press

An Indiana teen will stand trial in May for his role in the Feb. 20 assault on a Michigan State Police trooper on the U.S. 31 freeway in Niles Township. The preliminary hearing for Travis Tyler Wise, 19, of Middlebury, was Tuesday in Berrien County Trial Court a week after Wise’s brother, Michael Scott Barber, 21, of Mishawaka, was bound over for trial on seven charges from the same incident. Barber is on parole from a 2013 home invasi... Full Article »

VIDEO: Private Investigator Captures Double Homicide

Mar 28, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Video
By Calibre Press

From A private investigator who happened to be in a Newport News, Va., neighborhood in an unrelated matter found himself in front of what would become a double homicide back on January 14, 2016. He started recording after a car crash. The video, along with police body camera video and an audio recording of the 911, call were recently used for trial and are now public record. All combined together, they give the first real ... Full Article »

Learning From Mistakes

Mar 28, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Officer Safety & Survival & Training

Mistakes. We all make them. Some are minor and require little correction, while others can be career-changing. Following is an example of one of my mistakes, and how I used what I learned to positively effect the police department where I worked. Say It Ain’t So At the time, I was the detective commander and the range master simultaneously, and I took my firearms training seriously. I made weekend plans to go shooting with my father at our gu... Full Article »

Pushing the Way Forward

Mar 28, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Training
By Crawford Coates

I recently chatted with Darrin Fulton, chapter president of the Kansas City, Kans., chapter of the National Latino Peace Officers Association. Fulton is also the driving force behind this year’s NLPOA conference in Kansas City, Oct. 11 – 14. Calibre Press will be there, providing training, and the conference is open to all in law enforcement. If you don’t know about NLPOA or its many initiatives, the following interview is hopefully an intr... Full Article »

Back-Up Guns, Pt. 1

Mar 21, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Officer Safety & Survival & Training
By Dave Grossi

I’m frequently contacted by agencies, both here and abroad, to either evaluate or assist in the drafting of force policy statements. Recently, I was asked to provide some background on the issue of back-up (or secondary) weapons. This agency had for the most part done all their homework. They drafted the appropriate policy statements and covered the important issues, such as training, holsters, qualification, and periodic inspection. The Ivory... Full Article »

False Confessions

Mar 20, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Patrol & Training
By Jim Glennon

Does Reid & Associates teach officers a confrontational method of interviewing and interrogating that results in false confessions? I ask that question because recently they were basically accused of that. Or rather—the method they teach was accused of that. So does their method result in false confessions? Not at all. First it’s important to address this at the outset: I have absolutely no relationship whatsoever with Reid & Associ... Full Article »

DASHCAM: Fatal OIS of Man in Van with Family

Mar 17, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Video
By Calibre Press

From A Lorain, Ohio, man with a woman and three children in his van was shot and killed by police after a pursuit along Interstate 71 in Medina County early Tuesday. Roy Evans Jr.’s identity was confirmed Tuesday evening by Medina County Coroner Dr. Lisa Deranek after a Strongsville police officer shot and killed Evans. The early morning pursuit resulted in part of I-71 southbound being closed for several hours. Stro... Full Article »

Calling All Academics!

Mar 17, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Training
By Crawford Coates

Read any an article in the mainstream media about policing and I can almost guarantee that you will never hear from actual police officers. Instead—and especially at the purportedly more intellectual and serious end of the spectrum—you will read opinions and propositions from academics: that is, professors of criminal justice and law at the fancy schools. Check out the New York Times and keyword search “police reform” to see what I mean.... Full Article »

Disingenuous Hypocrites Run the Joint

Mar 15, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Officer Safety & Survival & Video
By Jim Glennon

I’m not going to mention his name because the only reason, I believe, this guy put together a new documentary on the Michael Brown shooting is to get attention. He is most probably, in my opinion, a bottomless pit of festering narcissism. The point he is trying to make apparently is that Michael Brown traded marijuana for cigarillos with a nightshift clerk. He left the cigarillos in the store and then came back in the daytime for them. The day... Full Article »

DASHCAM: Officer Shoots Man Holding Wallet

Mar 14, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Video
By Calibre Press

From  A little more than three years later, the dashcam video of Airman Michael Edwards being shot by Opelika, Ala., police officer Phillip Hancock on Interstate 85 has now been released to the public. A call came into the Opelika Police Department on the night of March 6, 2014 about an erratic driver on Interstate 85. Officer Phillip Hancock responded to the call. Davidson got into a minor accident with a tractor trailer where D... Full Article »

Pulling the Pin (Or: When You’re Done, You’re Done)

Mar 13, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership
By Dave Grossi

I’ve been out of operational law enforcement for almost 30 years. I formally pulled the pin in late 1990. Since then, I’ve maintained my professional affiliations through Calibre Press, Inc., as both a Street Survival Seminar instructor and contributor to their online magazine, I also continued my professional contacts as a police instructor, court expert and part-time college C.J. teacher. But for all intents and purposes, ... Full Article »

WINx: Communication Builds Relationships

Mar 13, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Officer Safety & Survival & Training & Video

In this powerful WINx video, Scott Erickson explains that there's one way to build standing in a community: communication. Here's how.... Full Article »

BODYCAM: Officer Shoot Man Thought to be Armed

Mar 09, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Patrol & Video
By Calibre Press

From  The Bryan (Texas) Police Department released body camera video Wednesday, showing what Officer Steven Laughlin saw when he shot an unarmed man on February 13th. Officer Laughlin was called to Mallard Drive for a disturbance. The video shows Calvin Baker shielding the right side of his body. Officer Laughlin then asks him to show his right hand and Baker refuses. Police said the refusal led the officer to believe that Baker had ... Full Article »

An Argument Against Narcan

Mar 09, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Patrol

[Publisher’s Note: At Calibre Press we appreciate a diversity of opinion. After all, there are more than 18,000 police agencies and 800,000 officers in this large and varied nation. It goes without saying that the views expressed on belong to the author, and agencies and officers must regardless do what is best for their communities.] One of the most divisive arguments in law enforcement today concerns whether or not patrol of... Full Article »

The New Meth Lab

Mar 09, 2017 in Fitness & Health & Law Enforcement Today & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Training

Police officers in the 1990s and early 2000s got accustomed to responding to clandestine methamphetamine labs, but that trend has almost completely disappeared across large swaths of the country. The dangers of meth labs were known and documented by police officers and the media. One primary reason for the decrease in these labs was the restriction placed on the purchase of pseudoephedrine, the precursor for methamphetamine production. Unfortuna... Full Article »

BODYCAM: Officer Dragged by Van; Van Flipped

Mar 07, 2017 in Driving & Roadway & Law Enforcement Today & Video
By Calibre Press

From  A Brooklyn (Ohio) police officer involved in a February pursuit that began when a suspect dragged an officer with his car did not get approval from a supervisor to ram the fleeing minivan with his cruiser, according to police reports and the department's chief. A review of the department's pursuit policy obtained by says that while officers are not required to notify supervisors that they intend to cha... Full Article »

Helping Officers Handle the Mentally Ill

Mar 06, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Training
By Karen Solomon

Psychiatric hospitals, mental institutions, asylums, psych wards—call them what you will—they’ve had a checkered history and their future seems to be at risk. Since the 1950s, deinstitutionalizing has been the practice and community based treatment centers have been the expectation. The reality? Law enforcement has had to close the gap. Institutions nationwide now hold about 35,000 patients, down from their peak of over 500,000 just 60 yea... Full Article »

WINx: Restoring Communities to Sacred Ground

Mar 06, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Officer Safety & Survival & Training & Video

In this powerful talk from WINx Chicago 2016 Colonel Richard Coleman (ret.) USMC shares his experience of how the Marine Corp regained its status as an elite service. Col. Coleman draws many parallels between the Marine Corp experience and the struggles currently facing the law enforcement profession.... Full Article »

No Excuses for Slugs

Mar 03, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Training
By Jim Glennon

It seems whenever I write an article about ineffective, lazy or just plain dumb supervisors it hits a chord. I get emails, texts, Facebook comments as well as officers approaching me at my seminars to describe how they have experienced, or are experiencing, people in supervisory roles that are just plain terrible. In contrast, I also hear from supervisors who try to justify such practices as the “modern way to lead.” They maintain that elect... Full Article »

BODYCAM: Officer Shoots Man Hiding Behind Mattress

Mar 03, 2017 in Law Enforcement Today & Video
By Calibre Press

From the  Three Louisville Metro Police officers have been named as those involved in Wednesday's shooting of 38-year-old Bruce Warrick in an abandoned Russell neighborhood home. Warrick remains in critical condition after he was shot in the abdomen in the 2600 block of Magazine Street. He underwent surgery Thursday to remove organs and is on a ventilator in the intensive care unit of University of Louisville Hospit... Full Article »

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