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GRAPHIC: Officers Shoot Man in Restaurant

Nov 15, 2018 in Law Enforcement Today & Video
By Crawford Coates

As reported by Muskogee (Okla.) Police Department has released body cam video of the officer-involved shooting that left a suspect dead earlier this week. Andrew Kana was shot and killed November 12 while being arrested on felony warrants, according to MPD.  Three officers were taking Kana into custody at the I Don't Care Bar and Grill on West Shawnee Street Monday afternoon. They had a tip from a 911 caller that Kana was at the ... Full Article »

The Manhattan Boatlift

Nov 14, 2018 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Training & Video
By Dave Grossi

There’s been a ton of stories written about 9/11. Most deal with the extraordinary heroics of our police, fire, and EMS personnel during and after the attack. Most are compelling and bring credit to each occupation. However, recently I came across a video of incredible heroics performed by a group individuals most would not associate with any of the three professions mentioned above. Yet collectively they were responsible for rescuing almost ha... Full Article »

DASHCAM: Sheriff in Shootout with Suspect

Nov 14, 2018 in Law Enforcement Today & Video
By Calibre Press

As reported by the Arkansas Democrat Gazette: The Washington County sheriff's office has released dash-cam video that show a shootout with a gunman Sunday. The agency said on Facebook that Sheriff Tim Helder chose to release the footage because bystander video has already been posted online and "because of the great public interest it has generated." The video, viewable above, also includes 911 audio and shots of the bullet holes in Washington... Full Article »

Sucker Punched

Nov 13, 2018 in Fitness & Health & Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Training
By Richard Hough

On the street, in jails and prisons, in the home, at work, occasionally even on an airplane, one person assaults another. This seems to be an inevitable part of the human condition, most often performed by males of the species. What sometimes is surprising is that even with the presence of what most people would consider a deterrent, many people will engage in the fight or simply strike another person. People, it would seem, often don’t conside... Full Article »

BODYCAM: Officer Tased by Suspect During Scuffle

Nov 13, 2018 in Law Enforcement Today & Video
By Calibre Press

As reported by  An Evansville Police Department officer was injured Wednesday morning investigating a suspicious person at a Southeast Side elementary school. The officer received facial injuries after scuffling with a man near Fairlawn Elementary School, 2021 S. Alvord Blvd., according to a news release. The officer was treated and released from a local hospital while the suspect, 22-year-old Logan Stidham, was booked int... Full Article »

VIDEO: Police Shoot Woman Armed with Knife

Nov 13, 2018 in Law Enforcement Today & Video
By Calibre Press

On March 12, 2018 Elgin, Ill., police pulled over 34-yr-old Decynthia Clements. She was armed with a knife and they attempted to talk her out of her car for nearly an hour. Her car caught on fire, which forced officers to move in to pull her out. They had both Tasers and firearms ready if needed. Clements suddenly came out of the burning SUV with a knife clearly in her hand. Officers yelled "Let me see your hands" and "Put the knife down!" She wa... Full Article »

The Baraka Hull Case

Nov 05, 2018 in Law Enforcement Today & Officer Safety & Survival & Training
By Dave Grossi

Nineteen years ago this month, I testified in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California in San Francisco in the matter of Hull vs. City of Oakland, Calif. I was reflecting on the circumstances of the case recently and thought perhaps the details of the shooting, the six years of uncertainty for the officer, and the jury verdict might make for an interesting read.  Following are the details. Facts On July 30, 1993, a rookie O... Full Article »

Flu Season & Fire Season!

Nov 05, 2018 in Fitness & Health & Law Enforcement Today
By Sam DiGiovanna

This is the time of year we remind communities in the wildland/urban interface of the dangers of wildland fires. In truth, fire season is year-round, but when the deadly Santa Ana winds kick up here in Southern California where I work, the risk skyrockets. So we use the fall season as a reminder to residents to follow the "Ready, Set, Go" model of wildfire preparation. But there's another dangerous season out there we need to be aware of. Virus... Full Article »

Time for Introspection

Nov 03, 2018 in Education & Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Training
By David Magnusson

It is good—no, let me rephrase that—it’s quite necessary for me to look in the mirror and carefully, honestly, and methodically self-assess what I am about. As a law enforcement professional, my self-assessment deals with my actions, as well as those of my brother and sisters who put on the uniform, pin on the badge, and walk out their homes every morning, afternoon, and night protecting the citizenry. Why the Need Now? I recently retired... Full Article »

BODYCAM: Domestic Violence Suspect Shoots Self in Front of Police Station

Oct 31, 2018 in Law Enforcement Today & Video
By Calibre Press

The Eastsider Reports: A man accused of domestic violence fatally shot himself in front of the LAPD Rampart police station on Saturday afternoon, police said. The incident happened at about 3 p.m. when the suspect followed his girlfriend to the station in the 1400 block of 6th Street in the Westlake District where she was reporting a domestic violence incident, said Sgt. Rudy Alaniz with the LAPD Rampart Division. The man was waiting outside... Full Article »

VIDEO: San Jose Police Shoot Man with Hachet

Oct 29, 2018 in Law Enforcement Today & Video
By Calibre Press

San Jose, Calif. On Jan. 9, 2018, 27-yr-old Thompson Nguyen drove to the Metcalf Energy Center armed with two hatchets, pipes, knives, nun chucks, a GoPro camera, and a sword. Two veteran San Jose police officers lawfully shot and killed, according to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office announced Tuesday. During the confrontation the 27-year-old repeatedly asked officers to shoot him. The officers only fired after their dees... Full Article »

Picking up Shattered Glass

Oct 29, 2018 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Training
By John Patston

From affluent neighborhoods and upscale retail areas, to dilapidated apartment complexes and forgotten dead-ends, a city’s police department is obligated to serve the needs of all. How communities perceive their police departments can vary significantly. At its simplest level, some may only look to their police for emergencies, to be there if needed. For others, a police department may be seen as invested fellow neighbors, who are called to tak... Full Article »

VIDEO: Cuffed Suspect Steals Cruiser

Oct 26, 2018 in Law Enforcement Today & Video
By Calibre Press

The March 30, 2018, incident began after police placed 36-year-old Angie Frost into handcuffs while driving a stolen vehicle, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported. Police put Frost in the passenger seat of a cruiser, as it did not have a rear cage. While police discussed the case outside, Frost slipped her cuffs inside. As she begins to make noise, one officer asks, “What is she doing?” A second officer responds, “Trying to steal you... Full Article »

The Mindful Officer: Barriers to Harmony & Enthusiasm

Oct 26, 2018 in Fitness & Health & Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Training
By Shawn Perron

What’s the current temperature at your precinct or station house? How is morale or group energy among shifts or precincts where you work? Why do these questions matter? Simply because these things highly affect our performance and our willingness or ability to work together as a team. Because we all SHOULD be concerned with identifying those specific things which can often distract our attention, our awareness. Anything that will diminish,... Full Article »

Crash Reconstruction & Drones: The Gateway Drug

Oct 23, 2018 in Defensive Tactics & Driving & Roadway & Law Enforcement Today & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Training

If you were a child of the '80s and grew up during the "War on Drugs" era of Nancy Reagan "Just say no" slogans and Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) programs spreading through schools in the U.S., then you’re no stranger to what a gateway drug is. In case you aren’t familiar with the definition of a gateway drug I will save you the Google search: It’s a habit-forming drug that, while not itself addictive, may lead to the use of ot... Full Article »

Why Did He Shoot? Part II

Oct 17, 2018 in Law Enforcement Today & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Training
By Jim Glennon

Last week I addressed the Laquan McDonald shooting by Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke and the absolute need to use unbiased critical thinking when analyzing the event. I specifically wrote about the default and immediate characterization of any perceived wrong by a police officer as an abuse of power because of one, or all, of the following reasons: Racism (individual and/or systemic) A callous, remorseless, violent and cruel poli... Full Article »

BODYCAM: Suspect Pulls Gun on Deputies

Oct 17, 2018 in Law Enforcement Today & Video
By Calibre Press

As reported by  A man who grabbed a loaded gun during a traffic stop told a deputy that he was "just trying to get away," body camera video provided by the Volusia County Sheriff's Office shows. Deputy Devin LaFoucade pulled the unidentified man over Sunday night. It's unclear what prompted the initial traffic stop. When LaFoucade asks the man to step out of the car, the man admits that he has a bag of marijuana on him,... Full Article »

VIDEO: Man Fatally Shot after Crashing Vehicle, Shooting on Police

Oct 11, 2018 in Law Enforcement Today & Video
By Calibre Press

As reported by the Officials at the Attorney General’s Office have concluded police used reasonable force when they shot and killed a man after a high-speed chase in Rochester this summer. Douglas Heath, 38, was shot up to 15 times after he pulled a stolen semiautomatic pistol on police and began firing the afternoon of Aug. 20. On Thursday afternoon, Senior Assistant Attorney General Peter Hinckley went through an hour-long... Full Article »

Why Did He Shoot?

Oct 11, 2018 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Training
By Jim Glennon

Last week Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke was found guilty of second-degree murder and 16 counts of aggravated battery for the fatal shooting of knife wielding Laquan McDonald. The 16 counts were related to every bullet the officer fired at the man. All rounds came out of his service weapon in two bursts of gunfire, the second of which occurred while the teenager was lying on the ground. Van Dyke faces a minimum 10 years in prison. Living... Full Article »

Leadership Without Title

Oct 09, 2018 in Law Enforcement Today & Leadership & Officer Safety & Survival & Patrol & Training

Leadership is a vital component to any given organization and it can be argued that leadership or the lack thereof can lead to the success or demise of an organization. Throughout the years in my law enforcement career I have noticed a couple of key takeaways about leadership. One thing that’s become evident to me is that not everyone understands the true meaning of leadership. There are many who believe that leaders have to possess a title i... Full Article »

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