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Calibre Analysis: Ft. Lupton, CO

Analysis by Lt. Jim Glennon

After responding to a call of a highly agitated, 6’ 4” man causing a disturbance, a Colorado officer—who was told the subject has access to knives, is high on Meth and is on a “death mission”–pleads with the subject to stop approaching.  After the commands are ignored and the man–who a DA later points out is “clearly unarmed”–repeatedly says, “Kill me. Kill me.” the officer fatally shoots him. That decision sparked an indictment against the officer for manslaughter.

In this Calibre Analysis, Jim Glennon explores critical issues surfaced during and after the events; from the impact differing interpretations of the facts can have on force investigations; officer-decision making under pressure; realistic “real-time” consideration of response options that may or may not avoid the need for force; and interesting Graham considerations.