“Seasons Change” – A Poem From an Lt.’s Daughter

By Calibre Press  |   Aug 28, 2020

[Editor’s note: Lt. David Haynes with the Michigan State Police shared an excellent poem his talented 13-year-old daughter, Annika, wrote with–no prodding or assistance. In it she shares the thoughts of a child dreaming of the day they can become a police officer. “I was extremely impressed, blown away in fact, by her writing skills and her level of observation and attention to detail,” her Dad told Calibre. “Many of the images she shares in her piece were sparked during her observation of an academy class graduation I was involved with,” he said. “Never forget that your kids ARE watching you and paying attention to the good work you do.”

And never forget, there are many kids like Annika out there who respect and admire police officers and may be standing ready to fill the boots of those who wore the badge before they were even old enough to drive. There’s hope! Thanks, Annika.]


Seasons Change

By: Annika L. Haynes

Looking out the window, I see a thin layer of frost

The snowflakes take their time as they fall lazily to the earth

I turn back to the caught criminal who sits at my feet

I puff out my chest 

My plastic badge shines as I show it off

My toy gun rests on my hip

I clasp my play hand cuffs around my mother’s wrists

One day I really will catch the bad guys and be the hero

I do not stay a young dreaming boy for long

As the seasons change, so do I

Change is inescapable

I look out the window to see large raindrops falling from the sky

Flowers have burst through the ground

Trees have large green leaves making them look full and healthy 

I turn back to the crowd of watching eyes

My polished shoes click on the hardwood floor

I press my fingers to my brow as I salute the colonel

He mirrors my movements and gives me a smile

The colonel hands me the badge I’ve so long yearned for

My wife gently pins the shiny new badge on my chest

I turn and smile brightly for the cameras

I do not stay a young man for long

As the seasons change, so do I

Change is inescapable

I hear the distant sound of children splashing in a pool

I see parents slathering their squirmy kids in white sun lotion

My feet pound on the sidewalk as I respond to the cry for help

Sweat drips from my brow as the hot sun beats down

Then I see it 

A man points his gun at a kneeling citizen

She holds her hands up in surrender

I knock him to the ground and shove my knee into his shoulder

I am not gentle when I pull his hands back

The silver handcuffs gleam in the summer sun as I lock his hands

I hear sirens call out as a police car comes speeding

I eagerly escort the suspect to the car and slam the door shut

I do not stay this new hero for long

As the seasons change, so do I

Change is inescapable

I look out the window to see a single leaf fall off the old oak

It gets swept away by the autumn breeze

I kneel in submission before the officer who caught me

His little hands placed shiny cuffs around my wrists

His plastic badge shined on his little chest

My son looked delighted to have caught his father

He dreams to one day catch real bad guys and be the hero

He does not stay this dreaming boy for long

As the seasons change, so does he

Change is inescapable

I look out a window to see the sunshine blindingly off the snow 

The frost glistens on the tall pines and icicles hang low

I turn my attention back to the line of eager recruits

My son beams as he puts his fingers to his brow

I watch as the colonel mirrors his movements

I feel a single tear of pride roll down my cheek

I pin on his badge as he flashes me his best smile

He does not stay this young man for long

As the seasons change, so does he

Change is inescapable

I look out the window to see water slosh up from my muddy tires

The sun struggled to peek through the dark clouds

When it does, the six stars on my sleeve sparkle and shine

I pick up my radio and call to dispatch

I state my unit number one last time

I knew this day was coming but all too fast

As the seasons have changed, so have I

Change is inescapable

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