A.I.M. to Survive

By Calibre Press  |   Feb 11, 2020

Several weeks ago, we explored some of the important office survival lessons revealed in an iconic series of reports compiled by FBI researchers Dr. Anthony Pinizzotto, Edward Davis and Charles Miller. The series was the result of a deep dive into the details of serious, sometimes fatal assaults on police officers designed to surface first-hand information on what makes officers vulnerable in the eyes of violent offenders and what steps can be taken to make officers safer. [More on the reports].

In their excellent new book, Deadly Force Encounters, 2nd Edition, co-authors Dr. Alexis Artwohl and Loren W. Christensen include a summary of the reports’ foundational lessons as compiled by the FBI. Termed “Take A.I.M.” recommendations for police officers, this easy-to-remember list is something every officer should remember and adhere to.

A: Awareness

– I know that I can be assaulted at any time by anyone.

– I will remain constantly aware.

– I will never become complacent.

– I am responsible for my own safety.

I: Image

– I will present a neat, clean, and professional image.

– I will maintain a good physical condition.

– I will never drop my guard.

– I will convey that I am an alert, prepared, and formidable opponent.

M: Mindset

– I will take my training seriously.

– I will adhere to safety procedures.

– I will properly search and handcuff.

– I will use the appropriate amount of force.

– I will refuse to quit no matter what.

Print this out. Share it with fellow officers. Review it before every shift.

These are words live by.


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