VIDEO: Man Attacks Officer, Grabs His Gun

The armed attacker, though treated by EMS, succumbed to his injuries

By Calibre Press  |   Jul 2, 2019

Athens-Clarke County, Ga.: “Just do it!”  That’s what Aaron Hong, 23, screamed at two police officers as he advanced on them while clutching a knife.

The fatal shooting happened Monday after officers responded to multiple calls concerning a man holding a knife, acting “erratically” and covered in blood. The officers drew their sidearms and told Hong over 30 times to drop the knife as they backed away from his aggressive advance.  Eventually the officers begged Hong to stop his aggression. 

“Put the knife down. Sir, please, put the knife down.”

Finally, Hong charged at Officer David Harrison while still holding the knife. Harrison shouted “No, no, no,” before firing approximately five times. Hong fell to the ground and rolled, but surprisingly, got back up and charged at Harrison again.

Harrison attempted to holster his firearm as Hong was at the time unarmed. The wounded man appeared to ‘bear-hug’ the officer and pulled the officer to the ground while attempting to pull Harrison’s firearm from its holster.  Harrison screamed that Hong was getting control of the gun and Officer Charles Bidinger moved up and fired several rounds at close range striking Hong.

Harrison for several seconds laid facedown on the ground.  He was not shot or severely injured.

Hong was treated by medics but succumbed to his injuries.

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