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The National Law Enforcement Officer Hall of Fame honors, announces inductees

By Calibre Press  |   Jul 19, 2019

Calibre Press is proud to be partnered with the National Law Enforcement Officer Hall of Fame, which recognizes and acknowledges the overwhelming spirit of American law enforcement: courage, compassion, dedication, and commitment to service.

As Calibre Press co-founder Chuck Remsberg put it, “The behind-the-scenes professionalism with which the selection process was run was remarkable, and the induction ceremony was among the most moving and meaningful events I’ve experienced across more than 30 years of involvement with law enforcement.”

On Thursday, Sept. 12, the HoF will host its annual induction ceremony in Maumee, Ohio. It’s not too late to attend or sponsor this event, which takes place on Thursday, Sept. 12. Click here for details.

Following are the inductees for 2019. Congratulations!

John Drum, Lifetime Achievement 

Lee County Sheriff’s Department, Fla.

Nominated by a nephew, John passed away in a tragic accident 4 years after retiring. His funeral had over 500 in attendance. During John’s career he amassed a record number of arrests coming in at 7,423.

Robert Baumgartner, Career Achievement 

Toledo Police Department, Ohio

Robert started with a career in the United States Air Force before going the police department as a Uniform Patrol Officer and then for the Detective Bureau. He had a 43-year career in law enforcement before retiring. He now spends his time working as the senior protection unit investigator for crimes against the elderly.

Michael Hitchcock, School Resource Officer of the Year

Ballwin Police Department, Mo.

Mike has been an SRO for three years. He developed an after school program where citizens come in and mentor students among many other community programs. He worked with local hotels to set up a voucher system to give homeless people passing through the area at free night stay, helping women escape domestic abuse situations. He has been on the department for 32 years.

Wendy Newsome, Community Impact Award

Maumme Police Department, Ohio

Wendy has been with the department for over 24 years, she is a certified D.A.R.E Officer, Instrumental in the Senior Outreach Program, and a recipient of the Officer of the Year Award. The Maumee chief of police explained that one of the elderly couples she checks in on wanted to go out to celebrate their 58th wedding anniversary when an arctic blast hit the area. Officer Newsome made it a point to call and tell them to stay in. She heard their disappointment and decided with her own money to buy and deliver them an anniversary meal. She also services as an SRO.

Joe Okos, Distinguished Service Award

Toledo Police Department, Ohio

Officer Okos is COO of Feet on the Street, which is “ a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working diligently to raise money for the Toledo Police Department’s Mounted Patrol Unit to be newly nicknamed “Mount Up,” and to bring attention to the importance of proper staffing. The message is much needed for people wanting to invest in the future of Toledo. He is also involved withOperation Hands Off, teaching children how to stay safe if they find a gun. He participates in 12 Kids of Christmas, taking at-risk youth shopping with police and military personnel.

Kevin Davis, Trainer of the Year Award

Akron Police Department, Ohio

Officer Davis is recognized as one of America’s top-tier trainers. He has trained for over 25 years and taught instructor-level classes at conferences such as ILEETA. He has been published in several industry magazines and written books, one of which was used by the former Governor of Ohio John Kasich for the Governor’s Police Citizen Collaborative.


Cops are too often either ignored or only recognized when something goes awry. Calibre Press is proud to partner with the National Law Enforcement Officer Hall of Fame to honor the best of what you really do most of the time: nurture, console, protect, and serve. Simply put, you help people, and a summary review of the above inductees shows how. It should also serve to inspire us all.

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