TV Cop Trivia: Past and Present, Part 1

The Quiz ...

By Dave Grossi  |   May 22, 2019

A while back I authored a piece comparing the fictionalized T.V. California cop T.J. Hooker and the real-life Vegas officer R.C. Hindi . I received quite a bit of feedback from our readers.  So I decided to put together another piece with some trivia about TV cops. The answers will appear in a few days in a follow up piece. Take the test from memory. See how you do.

The Quiz

1. What was the first name of the LAPD cop popularized by actor Peter Falk in the hit TV show “Columbo” that began in 1971 and ran through 2003?         

2. In the cop series “Nash Bridges,” which ran from 1996 through 2001, Don Johnson and “Cheech” Marin play plainclothes San Francisco cops. What were the ranks of Nash and his partner Joe Dominguez during the early portion of the series?

3. In the popular TV show “Dragnet” that ran from 1951 through ‘59, and again from 1967 through ’70, Joe Friday always displayed his creds and introduced himself by last name and rank when he arrives at the door of a residence or business. What was his rank?

4. During the beginning and end credits of “Dragnet,” Joe Friday’s LAPD badge was displayed. What was that badge number?

5. & 6. In the TV show “Adam-12” that ran from 1968 through 1975, what were the two LAPD uniform officers’ names as played by actors Martin Milner and Kent McCord?

7. In the TV series “CHiPs” that aired from 1977 through 1983, what were the call signs of the CHP motor officers Ponch (Erik Estrada) and Jon (Larry Wilcox)?

8. In the TV show “Kojak” what was the rank of NYPD cop Theo Kojak?

9. In the long running cop drama “NYPD Blue” which ended in 2005, in what fictionalized precinct did the detective crew work?

10. Likewise, in what fictionalized NYPD precinct did Officers Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) work prior to Jamie’s promotion to sergeant in the series “Blue Bloods”? 

11. How many precincts does the NYPD have in real life?

12. In what NYPD precinct did the 1960s comedy series “Car 54, Where Are You?” work?

13. The TV series “Law & Order” has run in one form or another since 1990. It is still being run in syndication on the USA and ION Networks. How many variations have there been in the “Law & Order” series since it first aired?

14. In the hit TV series “Blue Bloods” what is the rank of Police Commissioner Frank Reagan’s “secretary” Abby Baker (played by Abigail Hawk)?

15. What phrase did Theo Kojak use frequently on the hit series of the same name?

16. What was the name of Joe Friday’s (actor Jack Webb) first TV partner in the early “Dragnet” series prior to Officer Bill Gannon (actor Harry Morgan) appearing?

17. “NYPD Blue” ran for 12 seasons (1993-2005).  What was Andy Sipowicz’s (played by actor Dennis Franz) first partner’s name? 

18. The TV cop show “Starsky and Hutch” was based on the exploits of two real NYPD cops (Lou Telano and John Sepe). Who was the boss of fictional Bay City (Calif.) PD Detective Sergeants Dave Starsky and Ken Hutchinson?”   

19. In the original production of “Starsky and Hutch” the producers wanted to use a green and white 1975 Chevy Camero as Starsky’s ride.  Chevrolet was unable to provide the necessary vehicles.  What make, model and color car was actually used as Starsky’s police vehicle during the 4-year run of this series?

20. In the original “Streets of San Francisco” actor Michael Douglas, who plays Inspector Steve Keller, is partnered with a veteran by-the-book Lieutenant played by Karl Malden. What was the name of Malden’s TV character?    

21. “Police Story” ran for 5 years (1973 through 1978) on NBC. Who was the real-life police creator of this popular series?

22. “Hill Street Blues” ran from 1981 through 1987 on NBC.  What city was portrayed in that series?

23. Actor Michael Conrad played gruff shift Sergeant Phil Esterhaus on “Hill Street Blues.”  What was the catch phrase he used at the end of each roll call? 

24. What city was portrayed in the CBS cop drama “Cagney and Lacy”?   

25. What city was portrayed in both the 1967 feature film and TV series (1988-1995)  “In the Heat of the Night”?

Bonus question: 26. What exotic sports car (year, make, model and color) is most connected with Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson) in the “Miami Vice” series?


Check in next week for the answers.

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Dave Grossi
Dave Grossi is a retired police lieutenant from upstate NY now residing in southwest FL. He was the Lead Instructor for the Calibre Press, Inc. Street Survival Seminars from 1988 through 2000.