BODYCAM: Officer Fatally Shoots Man Armed with Pipe

The Orange County, Calif., officer involved was cleared in the shooting

By Calibre Press  |   Mar 6, 2019

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The night of July 1, one officer was sent to a parking structure at 1020 W. Civic Center Drive after someone who’d parked there called 911 around 11:30 p.m. upon spotting Donadony Blake Taylor standing near his vehicle and assuming he was trying to break in, according to the DA’s report.

Taylor was armed with a two- to three-foot-long metal pipe and a one- to two-foot metal stake, and was under the influence of amphetamine and methamphetamine, investigators said.

The officer who responded, identified only as Officer Roelofs, parked his patrol car near the suspect and immediately made contact with him. Within 32 second, Taylor had been fatally shot, officials said.

The report describes a tense confrontation between the two. It says Roelofs immediately held the armed suspect at gunpoint and ordered him to drop the pipe he was carrying.

The officer called for help and repeated his order several times. The investigation states that Taylor at one point replied “shoot me” and took a batting stance.

Roelofs deployed his stun gun but it apparently was ineffective; then, Roelofs dropped the stun gun.

As Taylor moved to remove one of the weapon’s probes from his body, Roelofs shot him twice, according to the DA’s office.

Taylor was wounded in his upper chest and back upper arm on the left side of his body, the coroner found.

Investigators said they interviewed 13 people involved and reviewed bodycam, audio dispatch and radio traffic, among other evidence, before concluding that Roelofs acted lawfully.

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