VIDEO: PD Releases Footage of 14-Year-Old Suspect Shot in the Back

Bodycam footages appears to support the police narrative, rather than witness claims

By Calibre Press  |   Jan 24, 2019

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The Tempe Police Department is disputing comments made by the owner of the truck 14-year-old Antonio Arce was reportedly burglarizing when police shot and killed him last week.

The police statement came a day after Lou Silvas told The Arizona Republic details that differed with law enforcement’s description of the Jan. 15 shooting.

Specifically, Tempe police have said Arce stole an airsoft gun out of the truck, and provided the media a screenshot of the body-cam video they said appeared to show Arce holding a weapon while sitting in the truck.

Silvas told The Republic he had two airsoft guns in his truck at the time of the shooting, and neither had been stolen. He insisted the only item missing was a large, black cellphone — which he told The Republic he believed the body-cam video showed Arce holding inside the truck. 

Silvas stood by his initial statements Tuesday evening, saying he didn’t believe there were more than two airsoft guns in the truck. He said his co-worker was also confident the two guns they had were still in the truck.

“If they wanted, they could take my fingerprints and I think it wouldn’t be on the gun the young man had,” he said during the second interview with The Republic. 

“As Tempe Chief Sylvia Moir affirmed, multiple Body Worn Camera angles from the real-time response show the pistol beneath and beside the juvenile as officers approached and rendered aid,” he said. “No gaps in footage exist.”

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