VIDEO: Oregon SRO Shoots, Kills Armed Suspect

The armed suspect was allegedly in possession of large amounts of ammunition

By Calibre Press  |   Jan 25, 2019

[Note: Videos are provided here for reference viewing only, and viewing such videos does not replace personal law enforcement training. Moreover, each live scenario is unique and nothing here should supplement an officer’s own cumulative training, experience, and personal judgment in responding to such live scenarios.]

On January 11, 2019, Charles Landeros, 30, went to a Eugene, Ore., Middle School where his child was enrolled as a student. He was allegedly there in a dispute with his child’s mother. Police were called at approximately 10:30 a.m. and Landeros became disruptive, noncompliant, and eventually combative with the officers as they physically removed him from the school.

One of the officers was the school’s SRO. In the scuffle outside Landeros pulled a 9mm handgun from a holster on his hip, pointed it at the SRO and fired two rounds. The SRO responded by shooting the man in the temple killing him. The shooting was ruled “justified.”

Landeros’ child allegedly witnessed the entire event.

Landeros had many more rounds of ammunition on him, in his backpack and in his car. Someone using the name Charlie Landeros had made a number of anti-police comments online. “Time to start killing pigs,” was one. He was a military veteran who had allegedly participated in protests at the University of Oregon, once interrupting a speech by the school’s president.

“It is unknown why Charles Landeros chose to use deadly force in this circumstance, but he clearly had no regard for the lives of the police officers or the students or staff present, including his child,” a report on the investigation concluded. “Officer Timm saved the life of Officer Johns, himself and perhaps many others given the number of rounds Charles Landeros had loaded in his weapon. … There is no clearer circumstance that the use of deadly force is justified than this.”

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