VIDEO: Officer Faces Gun at Traffic Stop, Fires Back

The officer has been cleared of all criminal charges

By Calibre Press  |   Jan 28, 2019

[Note: Videos are provided here for reference viewing only, and viewing such videos does not replace personal law enforcement training. Moreover, each live scenario is unique and nothing here should supplement an officer’s own cumulative training, experience, and personal judgment in responding to such live scenarios.]

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 Authorities in Noble, Okla., released body camera footage and dash cam video of an officer-involved shooting that occurred late last year.

On Dec. 18, investigators conducted a traffic stop near 2nd and Walnut in Noble.

“A traffic stop was attempted to be initiated by one of the patrol officers and ended at this residence behind us,” explained Agent Steve Tanner with the OSBI.

Officers say 37-year-old Layland Lewis Jr, of Norman, was behind the wheel and pulled the vehicle into the driveway.

“The individual brandished a firearm at the officer,” said Agent Tanner. “The officer was giving commands for him to show his hands. He did not comply with the demands and the officer fired his firearm.”

Lester: “Let’s walk back here real quick. Keep your hands out of your pockets for me.”

Body camera footage shows that as Sgt. Joshua Lester and Lewis were walking away from the home, Lewis suddenly pulls a handgun from his jacket and points it at Lester’s face.

Lester: “Don’t move! Shots fired, shots fired, shots fired, shots fired!”

The officer reacted by pushing the gun away and pulling his own weapon. Lester ended up shooting Lewis three times.

Lewis was treated for his wounds and taken to the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office.

Earlier this month, Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn cleared Lester of any criminal wrong-doing in the shooting.

Lewis was ultimately charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.  Authorities say Lewis also had a warrant out of Cleveland County for armed robbery.

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