DASHCAM: Traffic Stop Suspect Pulls Gun on Officer, Misfires

A misfire & quick hands likely saved the officers life

By Calibre Press  |   Jan 9, 2019

The Chicago Tribune reports: 

Surprised as he sat parked in his SUV, the man wanted for murder pointed a gun at Lakemoor (Ill.) Police Officer Brianna Tedesco and pulled the trigger.

The gun didn’t fire.

For the next 20 seconds, Tedesco and the man fought for control of the gun, Tedesco repeatedly screaming “No” and finally, “Please don’t shoot me!” according to newly released video of the encounter last July in Lake County.

Another officer arriving on the scene drew his gun and, when Tedesco stepped away from the SUV, fired as the man raised both hands, a weapon in each.

The man, later identified as Kenneth Martell, was struck in the head and died. He had been wanted in Pennsylvania for beating and stabbing an elderly man to death. An autopsy found Martell, 36, had amphetamine, methamphetamine and marijuana in his system.

Lake County State’s Attorney Michael Nerheim released a report last month stating that a subsequent investigation and review of its findings determined the shooting was justified. His report added that both Tedesco and Officer Anthony Loiacono, who fired the fatal shot, were in fear for their lives. Video of the encounter wasn’t released until this week.

[Note: Videos are provided here for law enforcement reference viewing only and viewing such videos does not replace personal law enforcement training. Moreover, each live scenario is unique and nothing here should supplement an officer’s own cumulative training, experience, and personal judgment responding to such live scenarios.]


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