VIDEO: Man Fatally Shot after Crashing Vehicle, Shooting on Police

The attorney general has cleared all involved officers

By Calibre Press  |   Oct 11, 2018

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Officials at the Attorney General’s Office have concluded police used reasonable force when they shot and killed a man after a high-speed chase in Rochester this summer.

Douglas Heath, 38, was shot up to 15 times after he pulled a stolen semiautomatic pistol on police and began firing the afternoon of Aug. 20.

On Thursday afternoon, Senior Assistant Attorney General Peter Hinckley went through an hour-long presentation detailing the results of their investigation during a press briefing at Rochester City Hall. He was joined by Attorney General Gordon MacDonald, State Police Col. Christopher Wagner, Rochester Police Chief Paul Toussaint and state troopers.

Hinckley released the 43-page report he compiled and shared three videos which captured the incident. Two were from Rochester police vehicle cameras and one was taken by a private citizen.

The report says Rochester police initially learned about Heath and the two warrants out for his arrest on Aug. 15. Detective Geoff Moore wrote an officer safety briefing form to notify fellow officers.

The form said Heath may be in possession of three firearms and “he has no intention of going to jail.” 

On Aug. 18, Moore spotted Heath get into a white Cadillac SUV in Rochester and police officers tried to stop him, but according to the report, he sped away.

Moore passed Heath driving the same SUV two days later on Aug. 20 just before 3 p.m. Moore radioed for assistance from Rochester police and state police. 

Officers were warned Heath may be armed.

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