BODYCAM: Suspect Pulls Gun on Deputies

A deputy's quick actions & poise likely saved the man's life

By Calibre Press  |   Oct 17, 2018

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A man who grabbed a loaded gun during a traffic stop told a deputy that he was “just trying to get away,” body camera video provided by the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office shows.

Deputy Devin LaFoucade pulled the unidentified man over Sunday night. It’s unclear what prompted the initial traffic stop.

When LaFoucade asks the man to step out of the car, the man admits that he has a bag of marijuana on him, records show.

“Alright, well you’re being honest so I’ll work with you,” LaFoucade tells the man in the video.

The man repeatedly tells the deputy “to give (him) a second” to get out of the vehicle, the video shows. Then, with the door to the vehicle open, the man turns his back to the deputy and grabs a loaded gun, according to Sheriff’s Office officials.

LaFoucade tackles the man to the ground, ordering him to drop the firearm.

“I was just trying to get away,” the man tells LaFoucade, who is pointing his gun at him.

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood said LaFoucade, 23, was poised and kept his cool during the encounter.

“Pulling a gun on a law enforcement officer is a good way to lose your life – that’s the last thing we want,” Chitwood said.

Deputies said the man had Hydrocodone and other pills as well as 22 small bags of marijuana.

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