BODYCAM: Attorney Alleges No Assault Depicted in Video

The man spent 127 days in jail for, among other charges, assaulting an officer

By Calibre Press  |   Sep 6, 2018

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Orangeburg, S.C., Public Safety officers said Demetrius Jamison assaulted an officer, Officer Miles, during his arrest in April. They charged him with Assault and Battery of a high and aggravated nature. That charge means he’s accused, but not convicted.

Jamison spent 127 days behind bars for several charges but he and his attorney say there’s no proof one charge in particular– the assault.

“We’re here today to clear his name because that is not what happened,” said attorney Justin Bamberg at a press conference Wednesday.

Officers said Jamison head-butted one of the three officers at the time of the arrest, but body cam footage never shows that happening. The assault was listed on both the incident report and arrests warrants.

An officer explained they used force during the arrest because of the assault. As protocol, officers are supposed to fill a Use of Force Report.

A lieutenant reviewing the case continuously asked for that report, but he didn’t get it until five weeks later. After looking at the footage and comparing it to the report, the lieutenant says the officers involved did not tell the truth and the officer who claimed to be assaulted should be immediately relieved of his duties.

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