BODYCAM: LVMPD Officers Shoot Stabber

A 3-time felon allegedly began stabbing women on a bus without provocation

By Calibre Press  |   Aug 29, 2018

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Metro police are still searching for a motive after a man randomly stabbed two women in the West part of the valley on Friday.

Police released body camera video showing the chaotic moments before an officer shot the suspect.

In the video, Metro police shout at least a dozen times at the suspect, 38-year-old Caleb Hill. Police said Hill didn’t listen or respond.

When they arrived, police saw Hill stabbing his second victim on the sidewalk. When Hill saw police, he let her go and walked away.

“If he’s already caused harm to two individuals, and is not complying with uniformed officers, he doesn’t want to be arrested,” LVMPD Assistant Sheriff Tim Kelly said. “You don’t necessarily get that close. If an individual swings around with that knife, it only takes one precise hit and then you’re down.”

Police said Hill randomly stabbed a woman on the bus. Then he got off and grabbed another woman, stabbing her on the sidewalk.

“We believe there are some illicit drugs,” Kelly said. “But we’re waiting on toxicology reports to come back.”

As Hill continued to jog away from police, a black SUV tried to block him. But Kelly said what the good Samaritan tried to do is not a good idea.

From the LVMPD:

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