DASHCAM: Utah Trooper Struck on Snowy Roadside

He is the 11th state trooper to be struck in Utah in 2018

By Calibre Press  |   Mar 29, 2018

From the Salt Lake Tribune: 

Dashcam footage from a Utah Highway Patrol trooper’s vehicle shows the officer on foot as he approaches a car that slid off the highway in Sardine Canyon, when he is suddenly hit from behind by another car and launched into the air.

On Sunday, Sgt. Cade Brenchley became the 11th state trooper to be hit by a car in 2018, while a total of 10 troopers were hit in all of 2017, according to the Utah Department of Public Safety.

After he was hit, several passersby stopped to render aid to the trooper and called for help, including the driver who hit him. Among the first responders to the scene were three of Brenchley’s cousins and a couple of childhood friends, he said.

Brenchley said Tuesday that he remembers stepping out of his vehicle, ”and then I remember everything was black. It felt like a weird dream.“

He suffered four broken ribs, a broken shoulder blade and road rash on his face.

“It’s miraculous, though, that this is all I have, considering what we saw [on the video],” Brenchley said, sitting beside his wife and four children during a Tuesday news conference at Logan Regional Hospital, where he continues to recover.

Brenchley, his family, his doctor and fellow UHP officials all spoke at the news conference, which was broadcast by ABC4 via Facebook Live.

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