VIDEO: Homeless Man Heroically Rescues Officer

The man told reporters he's sick of violence in today's culture

By Calibre Press  |   Dec 22, 2017


South Carolina Police honored a homeless black man on Wednesday who came to the assistance of a white female police officer who was trying to make an arrest and was knocked to the ground by the assailant.

Columbia Police praised Cray Turmon for springing into action and helping the police officer before things might have gotten out of control, Fox News reported.

“She’s a woman slammed to the ground and she’s an officer. … I saw her belongings hit the ground,” Turmon said. “She’d done everything she could. … It was going to get ugly, ya know? Something had to be done.”

Turmon added that he is sick and tired of seeing all the violence in today’s culture and people not doing the right thing, which led him to help the police officer.

“Someone’s got to stand up,” Turmon continued. “Someone told me if you don’t stand up for something, you’ll fall for anything. So I stood for something yesterday.”

Police arrested and charged 39-year-old Donald Songster Brown with attempted murder, armed robbery, and kidnapping after he allegedly punched a woman inside a gas station and threatened to harm her and others with a knife.

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