BODYCAM: Fla. Officer Dragged for Nearly Half a Mile

While the officer recovers, the suspect is facing multiple charges, including attempted murder

By Calibre Press  |   Dec 20, 2017

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For about a half mile, a Pembroke Pines police officer clung to the side of a car as the driver careened out of a retirement community.

Part of the hair-raising ride was captured on Officer John Cusack’s body camera. The camera, police say, fell off after the suspect made several “sharp maneuvers.” Surveillance video then captured the beginning of what turned into a chase through Broward during Tuesday’s morning rush hour.

It all started when police were called to Century Village because there was an unconscious couple in a car, according to police.

Cusack, a 19-year-veteran, found Thomas Cabrera and a woman passed out and a “small, clear plastic baggie with an unknown substance in plain view,” according to a police report.

Cabrera, police say, woke up and put the car into drive. Cusack tried to stop Cabrera from fleeing by reaching into the car, but instead got caught in the door frame and was dragged for about a half mile.

Cusack can be heard yelling at Cabrera to stop as he hangs on to the side of the car.

On his way to Century Village’s Pembroke Road and 129th Avenue exit, Cabrera allegedly tried to ram into Pembroke Pines Fire Rescue trucks that were responding to the original overdose call. The trucks dodged Cabrera. Police say Cabrera also tried to pry the officer’s fingers off the door with one hand as he steered the car with the other.

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