BODYCAM: Police Release Video from Nightclub Stabbing

A chaotic scene after 5 people allegedly stabbed & slashed, & shots fired

By Calibre Press  |   Nov 29, 2017

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A four-minute police body camera video from the Nov. 12 stabbing incident at El Centenario on Dixie Highway shows the chaos and an officer attempting to overcome a language barrier in order to assess the situation and figure out who stabbed one of the five victims.

Fairfield Police released the video footage from the nightclub stabbing after a public records request by this news outlet. Five people were either stabbed or slashed at around 2:30 a.m. on Nov. 12. Shots were reportedly fired at El Centenario nightclub, 3220 Dixie Highway, but no one was hit with gunfire, according to Fairfield police.

Identities of the injured will be released after witnesses have been interviewed, said Fairfield Police Officer Doug Day. All injured victims were treated at area hospitals, according to police.

In the video, a police officer approaches a vehicle parked in the nightclub’s parking lot with four people either inside or beside it. One of the first things the officer tells the people is an ambulance is on the way.

A man is seen sitting in the front passenger’s seat of the car with an apparent stab — a friend in the driver’s seat can be heard saying, “His guts are right there,” though the wound isn’t visible on the video footage released.

The officer was attempting to decipher the extent of the man’s injuries, and at one point reported to dispatch that the man was going out of consciousness. The officer then commandeers a man’s jacket in order to have another person apply pressure to the wound.

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