OP-ED: A Catastrophic Failure of Security [RETRACTED]

By Tom M. Conley  |   Oct 16, 2017
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[Update: I have decided to pull this article down after hearing from several readers. If you wish to read it, a version of it was first published at Security Magazine, which you can read here. Calibre Press thrives on pushing the conversation forward, and, often, this involves publishing various voices and opinions. However, there is a limit to what is collegial and constructive and what is inappropriate. I don’t want to cross over into the latter, especially so close to such a painful episode. The dust hasn’t settled. The facts haven’t been sorted and agreed upon. There is an ongoing FBI investigation. It is for that reason I have retracted the piece and consider it premature to have published given our law enforcement audience. If you wish to contact me, my email is crawford [at] calibrepress.com, and my apologies for the indiscretion, which was mine alone.]