BODYCAM: Police Settle for $110,000 After Tazer Deployment

The ACLU filed the lawsuit on the man's behalf, claiming his 4th Amendment rights were violated

By Calibre Press  |   Aug 1, 2017


The City of Aurora will pay a $110,000 settlement to a man who was unlawfully detained and tasered.

The ACLU obtained Aurora Police Department body camera footage showing the encounter in February 2016.

Officers were responding to an apartment complex at 1445 Dallas Street after a report of a man pointing a gun at a 6-year-old child.

Reports show Darsean Kelley was talking with his cousin Izear Brown when officers arrived.

A body-worn camera shows an officer responding and Kelley yelling at police asking why he was being detained before the tasing.

The officers arrested Kelley and charged him with disorderly conduct. Those charges were later dropped.

ACLU lawyers later filed a lawsuit on Kelley’s behalf, saying the officers violated his 4th Amendment rights.

Aurora’s city attorney sent CBS4 this statement on Friday: “We disagree with the ACLU’s characterization of the events. This case was settled for the reason many cases are settled to avoid the cost of prolonged litigation.”

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