BODYCAM: Armed Suspect Fatally Shot in Ohio

The man, acting erratically, went for a gun in his waistband after police questioned him

By Calibre Press  |   Jul 20, 2017


The Columbus (Ohio) Division of Police has released video from body cameras of a deadly officer involved shooting in the Franklinton area, Friday.

Columbus Police said Kareem Ali Nadir Jones was shot by two officers after a confrontation in the Franklinton area around 5:45 p.m., Friday.

The video appears to show Jones backing away with his hands up. Police say Jones refused to comply with the officers orders to “get down.”

The video shows Jones turning and reaching toward his back with his right hand where there appears to be a gun in his waistband. That’s when the officers fired.

“They did it by the book,” says Jason Pappas, president of the local police union. “It’s clear as day on this video that this suspect reaches back and is retrieving that firearm from his waistband at the time that he is shot.”

Police said the officers were patrolling the area when they saw Jones walking between cars with erratic behavior. Police said a brief conversation turned into a confrontation after they saw the gun and they felt threatened after Jones refused repeated commands to get on the ground. That’s when both officers fired shots.

Rex Elliott, an attorney working for Jones’ family, questions the officers’ approach to the situation.

“The question is, why?” Elliott asked. “Why pull your guns at that stage? Why not try to calm the situation down? It just didn’t need to go here. This guy was not outside committing any type of criminal activity.”

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