Product Review: SSP Tactical Eyewear

Shooting glasses that solve the bobble-head problem

By Dave Grossi  |   Jun 8, 2017

Most Calibre readers know yours truly is retired from “the job.” As such, I find myself on the range on my own time and not as part of a quarterly training and qualification program. I recently reported to the range for my annual HR-218 firearms training and like most of us “old” guys found myself doing the bobble head nod between rounds: One moment focusing on my sights, the next looking down range at the target. I wish I had known about SSP Tactical Eyewear my last time out.

These tactical glasses change everything for us retired coppers who find their tired old eyes getting in the way of their shooting skills. Next year, look out folks. Old “Master-Blaster” Dave will be back.

Here’s the deal. SSP have developed a very unique set of tactical shooting glasses that drastically simplify the act of shifting your point of focus from your sights to your target through a unique top focal placed on your master eye lens. Since most of us have some degree of eye sight issues, these glasses solve the bobble-head problem when shooting.

The magnification ranges from 1.00 to 1.50 in .25 increments and from 2.00 to 3.00 in .50 increments. The Top Focal Premier Kit that I reviewed came with six sets of lenses: left and right amber, clear and smoked with magnifiers at the top; and left and right amber, clear and smoked plain lenses without magnification.

The lenses, which provide 100% protection from both UVA and UVB rays, are all shatterproof, anti-scratch polycarbonate and anti-fog coated (double-sided) permanently bonded to the lens. The frames are lightweight (1 oz.) and tough nylon in matte black with comfortable rubber nose and ear pads. This NTOA-approved kit comes complete with a sturdy no scratch zippered case, microfiber cleaning cloth, and easy-to-follow directions for changing lenses.

SSP suggests shooters make a quick stop at your local drug store to check on the proper magnification before ordering.

Specialized Safety Products, LLC

Top Focal Premier Kit

PO Box 1958
Moses Lake, WA 98837


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Dave Grossi
Dave Grossi is a retired police lieutenant from upstate NY now residing in southwest FL. He was the Lead Instructor for the Calibre Press, Inc. Street Survival Seminars from 1988 through 2000.