VIDEO: Armed Gun Rights Activists Enter Police Station

The men, clad in face masks & body armor, were promptly arrested

By Calibre Press  |   Feb 8, 2017


Two armed men wearing tactical vests were arrested Sunday after they walked into the Dearborn, Mich., police station.

Police said their response when they saw the heavily armed men walking into the police station was to protect themselves.

The stunt was recorded on cellphones and Go Pro camera by three men. Two of the men, who said they performed the act after an illegal traffic stop, were arrested.

Police received a call from shoppers Sunday who saw two men putting on masks and body armor. The shoppers thought the men looked dangerous and suspicious.

The police showed up and couldn’t find the men, but a few minutes later, they pulled over their car.

“Let me go on my way,” one of the men said during the traffic stop. “Let me be free to go, (because) we’ve broken no laws. This, you know this, this is an illegal detention and you’d better get your s*** straight, (because) we’re done. … Oh, I will file a complaint.”

On Sunday afternoon, they walked into the Dearborn Police Department headquarters with long guns drawn around their necks and masks on. Video cameras were rolling as they received a greeting that might have been expected from police.

“Dude, put that on the ground,” a police officer said. “Put it on the ground. I will put a round in you, sir.”

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