BODYCAM: Fatal N.M. Shootout

Man wearing security uniform & suspected of carjacking fires on police, kills self

By Calibre Press  |   Feb 23, 2017


Roswell police are still trying to put the pieces of last week’s officer involved shooting together.

They have found the suspect was not as clean as New Mexico court records indicate.

Officers started talking to 30-year-old Shayne Romero after they saw him returning to a stolen car at a Motel 6. Romero then took off and started shooting at them. An officer shot back, hitting Romero twice.

Romero ended up shooting and killing himself. He was wearing a security uniform.

Police say they have determined Romero never worked for that security company, so they’re still trying to find out where he got it and why he was wearing it.

While Romero only had a traffic ticket in New Mexico, investigators say he had a violent criminal history in California.

They are still searching for the woman who was in the car with Romero that night. They suspect it may be Lexi Montanez.

They say they’ve been in contact with Montanez and are waiting until she gets a lawyer to question her.

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