DASHCAM: Carjacking Suspect Rams Police Vehicle

En route to a disturbance call, officers noticed a car that fit a carjacking description ...

By Calibre Press  |   Dec 8, 2016

From KWCH.com:

Wichita (Kans.) Police arrested a man accused of robbery and aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer.

Jeffrey Soileau, 29, was arrested Monday afternoon around 3:30 p.m. in a gas station parking lot. He is accused of carjacking someone earlier in the day, then ramming the car he was driving into a Maize Police vehicle.

Police were responding to a disturbance call when a Maize Police officer noticed the suspect and vehicle description matched the same description of the armed carjacking earlier in the day.

Maize Police Chief Matt Jensby walked us through the dash camera video as his officer rolled up and blocked off any potential escape.

As you watch the video, you can see, in the back, a Wichita police officer’s patrol car to block that escape.

The Maize officer steps out of the car and demands the man put his hands up. The man behind the wheel, police later identified as Soileau, complies, sticking his hands up and out the window.

“There’s a threat there because the gentleman, the suspect could possibly have a gun because he indicated that he had a gun before, but my officer sees his hands and there’s no immediate threat,” said Jensby.

But that quickly changed. With the car in reverse, the driver drops his hands and puts them back on the wheel. He slams into a red jeep behind him. Then throws it back into drive and accelerates forward, crashing into the front of the police Chevy Tahoe.

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