BODYCAM: Officer Unintentionally Shoots Burglary Suspect in Back

The officer will not be indicted, after grand jury agrees that the shooting was accidental

By Calibre Press  |   Dec 1, 2016


Body camera footage shows the moment when a Laurel, Md., police officer shoots an unarmed suspect in the back while responding to a burglary call last April.

In the dramatic video, a group of officers is seen hunting for a suspect. When one of the suspects appears, a foot chase ensues. Rashawn Curbeam, now 20, is brought down by a taser and then the officers proceed to surround a building. One of the officers shined his gun mounted light at a door and then fires the gun is his left hand into Curbeam’s back. Immediately, the officers render aid to the wounded man.

The officer, whose name has not been released, later explained that he did not intend to shoot Curbeam — he says he unintentionally pulled the trigger when startled.

On Tuesday, a grand jury in Prince George’s County cleared the officer of criminal wrongdoing.

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