BODYCAM: Officer Shoots Man’s Dog, Explain Himself

Confronted by dog's owner, officers try to calm the situation by explaining circumstances

By Calibre Press  |   Nov 29, 2016

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after a pit bull was shot by one of its officers early Thursday morning. Officers say they were called to a home just before 5 a.m. for a 911 hang up call. Officers said they parked away from the mobile home for safety reasons and knocked on the side of the residents. They said three unrestrained dogs ran from the back of the home and allege one pit bull charged the officers. Body cam video shows an officer shooting the dog.

Owner Kenny Bailey says his wife was using her phone as a flashlight and accidentally dialed 911. Deputies say Bailey told them the pit bull was police trained, but admitted later in the video he would have shot the dog also.

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