VIDEO: Eugene, Ore., Mob Grows During Arrest

The mob, estimated to be approximately 75 people, surrounded officers making drug arrest

By Calibre Press  |   Oct 25, 2016

Eugene police officers making a drug arrest in the downtown Park Blocks on Friday afternoon found themselves in an intense situation when a “mob” began to form — confronting the officers, hurling insults and eventually injuring one, police said.

Police used pepper spray and a Taser on people in the crowd estimated to be as large as 75 people while arresting a man for resisting arrest and interfering with officers. One officer was treated by medics for pepper spray in his eyes, and another officer had injuries to his hand.

A video posted Friday night on YouTube shows three officers taking more than five minutes to subdue a man. At one point, an officer appears to use a Taser on the man as he is held against a police car. At another point, an officer punches the man in the back.

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